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Solving The Legend 1- Who Was Lord Cowdray?

Weetman Pearson, 1st Viscount Cowdray

Personal details

Born- 15 July 1856

Pearson was born at Shelley, Woodhouse, Yorkshire,

the son of George Pearson and Sarah Weetman Dickinson.


Political party-Liberal

Spouse-Annie Pearson, Viscountess Cowdray

Bio- Weetman Pearson

Weetman Dickinson Pearson, 1st Viscount Cowdray,

GCVO, PC (15 July 1856 – 1 May 1927), known as

Sir Weetman Pearson, Bt, between 1894 and 1910

and as The Baron Cowdray between 1910 and 1917,

was a British engineer, oil industrialist,benefactor and

Liberal politician. He was the owner of the Pearson conglomerate.

Business career

The Pearson firm, started by his grandfather Samuel

in 1844 and today known as a publishing house,

initially focused on construction. He took over

the company in 1880, eventually moving the

headquarters from Yorkshire to London.

An early proponent of globalization, S. Pearson & Son

built the Admiralty Harbour at Dover, docks in Halifax,

tunnels, railways and harbours around the world, and

the Sennar Dam in Sudan.

Mexican Eagle Petroleum Company

In 1889, Porfirio Diaz, the President of Mexico, invited

Pearson to his country to build a railroad—the Tehuantepec

Railway—from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.

On one of Pearson's trips to Mexico, Pearson missed a rail

connection in Laredo, Texas and was obliged to spend the night

in the town which, according to Pearson, was "wild with the oil craze"

from the recent discovery of oil at Spindletop.

After doing some quick research that night about oil seepages in Mexico,

with the help of his top lieutenant John Benjamin Body alias

J.C. Brown of the legend, Pearson began acquiring prospective

oil lands in Laredo, thinking he could use discovered oil to fuel

the Tehuantepec Railway he was helping President Diaz build.

After nine years of relatively minor  success, Pearson fired the

English consulting geologists he had been using, and hired

Americans formerly employed by the U.S. Geological Survey.

One year later, Pearson began making major oil strikes,

beginning with Potrero del Llano 4, which flowed at 110,000

barrels a day and was considered the biggest oil well in the world.

In 1911, President Diaz was overthrown, and the Mexican Revolution began.

The associated violence and turmoil had a negative effect on foreign

investors in Mexico's oil industry.

In October 1918 Calouste Gulbenkian

offered, on behalf of the Royal Dutch Shell, to buy a substantial portion

of Mexican Eagle stock and take over its management.

Pearson agreed to the buyout.


1 May 1927

Lord Cowdray died in his sleep at Dunecht House, Aberdeenshire on

1 May 1927, age 70. He was succeeded by his eldest son, Harold.

Solving The Legend 2-  Man of The Legend- John Benjamin Body

Memoirs of J. B. Body

(American Society of Civil Engineers)

Call# *ZAN-V1056 Page 1554

Birth Name: John Benjamin Body

Born: 2/27/1867 Mevagissey, Cornwall England

Father: John Body

Mother: Mary Ann Harris Body

Education: City of London College

Tutored By: Professor Harry Adams

Employer: Lord Cowdray Mining Company Of England

Employer: S Pearson & Son LTD.

Dates of Employment: 1890-1940

Job Title: Civil Engineer

Home Address: 19 Upper Grosvenor Street

West London England

Border Crossing: Arrived In New York: 5/22/1890

Departed from England Ship: Teutonic Age: 24

List-701 Line-15 on Microsoft Roll M237_548

Border Crossings: Laredo Texas

#1- 3/3/1903 John B. Body-

#2- 1904 JB Body

#3- 8/14/1905 Mr.& Mrs Body (35) and Son Jack

Ship- National de Mexico Railroad & Laredo Foot Bridge Company)

Note: Mr. & Mrs. Body visited relatives in Stockton, California. Then traveled by train to Dunsmuir, California and stayed at the Shasta Springs Resort. While walking on the property John Benjamin Body discovered the unusual Basalt rock Formation. After returning to Mexico from his vacation, John contacted his boss Lord Cowdray alias Sir Weetman Pearson and told him of his discovery while on vacation at the Shasta Springs Resort. Sir Weetman Pearson gave his top lieutenant John Benjamin Body permission to return to the Shasta Springs Resort with Civil Engineers from the company to excavate the unusual basalt rock formation.

#4- 4/15/1907

Ship- National de Mexico Railroad & Laredo Foot Bridge Company






#5- 6/12/1910 – Lied about ever being in US?

#6- 10/27/1912

Age- 46

Ship- National de Mexico Railroad & Laredo Foot Bridge Company

#7- 8/5/1913 By Steam Ship

#8- 12/21/1919 By steam Ship

#9- 3/10/1933 arrived with Clive Pearson

Residence: Vera Cruz Mexico- Approx. 1890-1915

Address: #1 Puente Alvarado 53

Veracruz, Mexico

Address: #2 Aguilar Oil Company

15 Su defrendencia

Veracruz, Mexico

Residence: 1915-1940 England

Status: Married 8/10/1898

Wife: Mary Hamer

Daughter: Beatrice Millicent Body- Kelton

Son Jack Born 1900

Description: 5’7” Grey Hair- Fair-Brown eyes

Languages Spoken: English/Spanish

Date of Death: 5/23/1940

John Benjamin Body had Five (5) brothers. One of his younger brothers William Alfred Body was also a Civil Engineer and he too worked in Mexico for the Lord Cowdray Mining Company of England.He crossed into the Laredo Texas border and would also have the ability to go to The Laredo National Bank on 710 Bernardo Avenue in downtown Laredo, Texas where the valuable were stored in a Vault.  Check out the border crossing info on William Alfred Body.

Solving The Legend 3- Sindoni's Research Conclusion

Who Was J.C. Brown?

His real name was John Benjamin Body. John Benjamin Body alias J.C. Brown did in fact work for The Lord Cowdray Mining Company of England. The man was also a geologist by trade and working his entire career for the same company. And just as J.C. Brown had claimed that was reported by the Stockton Record, his net worth exceeded forty million dollars.

After discovering the true identity of J.C. Brown, I was able to track JB Body from Mexico into the United States through the Laredo Texas border crossing. The 1904 date of the border crossing validated the information in the legend. Moreover, it was on that date that Lord Cowdray, John Benjamin Body, W.E.Sayre and Robert Adams, were all passengers traveling on a Mexican National Railroad steamship from Veracruz, Mexico. The four men entered the United States through the Laredo Texas Border in March of 1904.

Their names were all on the “LIST OR MANIFEST OF ALIEN PASSENGERS FOR THE US. IMMIGRATION OFFICER AT PORT OF ARRIVAL.” All of the men listed a home residence in Mexico City, Mexico.

Continuing my search through all of the border crossings through Laredo Texas, I discovered that in April of 1907, JB Body, brought with him, four other men. Three of the four men were geologists. The names of the geologists were Fred Kleisner, John McLachlan, and CM Yeomans. All of these men were working for The Lord Cowdray Mining Company of England. And a man named John Gilmartin who was listed as a valet for JB Body. They were all traveling on the same steam ship from Veracruz, Mexico into the US through the Laredo Texas border.

In June of 1910, I discovered something rather interesting on John Benjamin Body’s next border crossing from Mexico into Laredo, Texas. When asked on the form if he had ever been in the United States, he lied on the form and said no.

Then in 1911, I discovered another border crossing where Lord Cowdray alias Sir Weetman again accompanied JB Body into the United States with Civil Engineers from The Lord Cowdray Mining Company of England who were all employed in Mexico and living in Mexico, City Mexico at the time of Border crossing.

In total, I was able to track JB Body twelve times over the border crossings from Mexico into the US through the Laredo Texas border starting in 1904 and ending in 1933.

Then in June of 1934, John Benjamin Body paid a visit to see his wife's relatives, the Hamer family in Stockton, California. John Benjamin Body stayed at their home in Stockton for approximately eight weeks.

During his stay in Stockton, California, he shows up in the office of the Editor of The Stockton Record introducing himself as J.C. Brown. After six weeks of telling a tale about an ancient race of giant Lemurians living under the bowels of Mt. Shasta, J.C. Brown mysteriously disappears. The Stockton Police were called, but could find no evidence or any reason for J.C. Brown's disappearance.

The Shasta Springs Resort where the discovery was made, was located 3 ½ miles north of Dunsmuir, California. Shasta Springs was the most famous resort located in the upper Sacramento River canyon. Trains would stop here so that passengers could drink the natural spring water. The drinking of Shasta water reported to have beneficial results and was used as a remedial agent. Some of the passengers would disembark on the platforms and head for the incline railway which for five cents would take them to the main part of the resort that was situated high above the railroad tracks. It was my belief that John Benjamin Body and his wife Mary were vacationing at the resort. While out walking on or near the property they noticed an unusual rock formation. John Benjamin Body, a geologist by trade considered this to be an important discovery.

Upon his return to Mexico, John Benjamin told his employer Lord Cowdray Alias Sir Weetman Pearson, about his unusual discovery and was told that the owner and Civil Engineers would return at a later date to dig the site out.

It is my strong belief that that J.C. Brown was really a man named John Benjamin Body who showed up at the Stockton Record editor's office in 1934, claiming to have made an amazing discovery of an ancient civilization of Giants living under the bowels of of a mountain in the Cascade Mountain Range while working as a prospector (Civil Engineer) for the Lord Cowdray Mining Company of England, thirty years earlier.

My research tracks John Benjamin Body and his wife Mary Hamer Body from Mexico through the Laredo, Texas border and then on to Mary Hamer Body's relatives (Hamer) who also lived on 1825 North San Jaoquim Street and still own the home, across the street from where retired printer John C. Root lived and held meetings for six weeks with the fictitious J.C. Brown alias John Benjamin Body @ North 1784 San Jaoquim Street. John Benjamin Body was a frequent visitor from 1903 to 1934 to Stockton, California on his travels back and forth to the Shasta Springs Resort in Dunsmuir, California.

American folklore and legend is now one less mystery due to my relentless pursuit in solving the legend of J.C. Brown alias John Benjamin Body who working his entire career as a Civil Engineer for The Lord Cowdray Mining Company of England. Lord Cowdray was really a man named Weetman Pearson who was knighted in 1916, thus the title of 1st Viscount Cowdray was awarded to him.

For more on the men of the legend, I have included a free download of a book entitled “British Lions And Mexican Eagles, written by Paul Garner for evidence to support my research. The free download can be found on the FREE STUFF page.

The Hamer family still own the home where J.C. Brown alias John Benjamin Body stayed at his wife Mary Hamer Body's relatives home for six weeks in Stcockton, California on San Jaoquim Street

Solving The Legend 4- Conclusion

Job Hamer was born on September 22nd, 1830. He was originally from Manchester in England, where he took up the profession of ‘Manchester Warehouseman’. As such he was a wholesaler of dry goods, with a focus on textiles. Manchester was the center of the English textile trade in the middle of the 19th century.

Job’s work took him to Mexico on several occasions. We have records of a journey undertaken in 1865/6 in which Job or his business partner visited Cuba and Mexico to develop their business. An account of this trip is to be found on this site. Job eventually moved to Mexico permanently, probably in 1880s. He set up a linen mill there, which prospered until the supply of European flax dried up in 1914.

Job Hamer Married Mary Moseley. They had ten children. Thurston & Mary Hamer were brother and sister. Thurston has an account at the Laredo National Bank at 710 Bernardo Avenue in Laredo, Texas where the treasures found under Mt. Shasta in California, are kept in a vault. He and his father Job Hamer have an account in that bank. The account is still active and family members visit the vault to this day. 

Job Hamer Family Tree


Solving The Legend 5- Conclusion

Thurston Hamer born March 2nd, 1861 at Grove Terrace, Lancashire, England. Thurston was the first child among what were to be 10 children. His childhood cannot have been very easy with all those siblings, added to which his father was often away for significant periods of time.

Job Hamer and his oldest son Thurston had an account at the Laredo National Bank at 710 Bernardo Avenue in Laredo, Texas where the treasures found under Mt. Shasta in California, are kept in a vault. The account is still active and family members visit the vault to this day. 

Just as J.C. Brown alias John Benjamin Body told residents of Stockton, California in 1934, as reported by the Stockton Record newspaper, he had  artifacts and photos in a Texas bank vault of his find while prospecting in the Cascade Mountain Range in Northern, California.  The photos and artifacts are still locked away in this Texas bank now named BBVA Compass Bank.

There is a letter from Geoffrey Hamer to Thurston in Sept 1920. Thurston was in Tampico and seems to have written to his brother suggesting he could sell some of the Linera’s products there. Reading between the lines it sounds as if Geoffrey is fairly impatient with Thurston, and it is odd that as the eldest brother Thurston is a salesman living off a 2.5% commission while his younger brother is managing the family business. In any case, the Linera eventually went out of business in the early 1920s.

John Benjamin Body was married to Mary Hamer, whose family helped John hide his discovery of an ancient civilization under the bowels of Mt. Shasta in Northern California.

In closing, history is now one less mystery.

Thurston Hamer Extended Family Tree


Hamer Connection Stockton Record Report

Go to the "Free Stuff" tab for the free download.
Go to "Free Stuff" tab for the free download of the amazing life of Sir Lord Cowdray and man of the legend of J.C. Brown alias John Benjamin Body.