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Below The Radar-Free Download Limited Time Offer

Posted on February 26, 2017 at 5:35 AM

Our topic for today is Internet security. In this blog post, I will include the the introduction to my new book "Below The Radar." The PDF E book can be found in the web store on this web site. The "Below The Radar" introduction excerpt reads as follows:




In the early 1990's, I was working as a Video Sales Counselor for a large well known electronics company. My area of expertise was television, VCR, and video camcorders. At that time, televisions were analog and using rabbit ears antennas for broadcast reception. This was at a point in time when we as a nation were still relying on analog technology to watch television programs from local affiliates such as CBS, NBC, and ABC. In total, we had a little over a dozen channels to choose from. All the channels were being broadcast to our living rooms from within a fifty-mile radius. For those individuals who were living further away from the city, these individuals needed to have a high-powered roof antenna to be able to receive television signals to watch television at home. There was no digital television. This was at a time when we didn't even have cable television. But that was all about to soon change.


Our store manager held a meeting with the men who worked in the Video, Audio and Computer Departments to inform all of the employees that we would soon be getting a visit from Sales Representatives who worked for electronics manufacturing companies such as Sony, Mitsubishi, RCA, Sharp, JV, Toshiba and many others. The purpose for this visit was to inform us that digital television would soon be replacing the analog television sets that we had all had so become accustomed to. The Sales Representatives would be spreading the gospel that digital television would soon be replacing analog television sets. The Sales Representatives would be coming to our stores throughout the country. As a recall, our company had well over a hundred stores. This in my mind was huge!




Within a matter of days, the first Sales Representatives from RCA arrived with their product lines of digital televisions and went over the features, functions and benefits of each specific model. We were informed that all of our stores within the next sixty days would be soon receiving digital televisions.


They would no longer be shipping the analog models. All of their television sets would now be obsolete. The Sales Representative went on to say that the US. government in agreement with the Federal Communications Commission was mandating this change to be in full effect by the year 2000.


Being curious by nature, I pondering the thought, “Why would the government get involved with the FCC in this matter?” After our store received the first shipment of digital television sets, I asked one of my friends who worked in the Electronics Return Department to open the back of one the digital televisions.


What my friend and I discovered revealed a hidden built-in microphone that could be used to eavesdrop on personal conversations and a web-cam that could be used to watch unsuspecting US. citizens in their own home. Once the television set was connected to the cable box these features could be turned on and used to spy on all of us. Big Brother now had the capability to spy on 67 million households. Does this sound like the book written by George Orwell 1984? It was then I became highly suspicious.


What I knew about a television set’s ability to use 525 scanning lines to transmit an image called an aspect ratio, triggered an alarming question. What if someone decided to reduce the 525 scanning lines to create a smaller image, for example, a letterbox smaller, and wider screen similar to what you would see when you went to the movie theater would appear and the unused portion of the television screen could be used to send a higher EMF signal to the set that was designed to send harmful EMF waves to the unsuspecting viewer? Has anyone ever fallen asleep and left the television set on only to find the television screen size has been reduced similar to the letterbox theater image and as a direct result of changing the aspect ratio on your set and using the television set as a weapon of destruction against you, woke up with an extreme headache? It does make you wonder, doesn't it?


Has anyone ever set the microwave for let's say two minutes and noticed that somehow while you were standing next to the microwave that the timer setting was changed mysteriously to 20 minutes?


How about having the toaster set to a low number and discovering that your toast has been burned to a crisp? And you were standing right next to it? Did you ever wonder where your missing sock went in the clothes dryer? Can anyone reading these words tell me where the missing sock went? I'll leave this riddle for the May-tag repair man television commercial pitch man to figure out.


And lastly, how about getting hacked on your Microsoft Windows or Apple Operating System? Then you pick up the phone and call tech support and you explain the problem to the technician who walks you through a couple of steps to fix the problem. But he or she never explains what caused the malfunction. So, if you're like me, you want to know how to troubleshoot the problem to find the solution without ever having to call technical support.


The problems that I have cited in this introduction are the main reasons for writing this book. How many of you honestly read the manual (RTM) when you purchase a computer or any other electronic device?


Therefore, it is my hope that everyone reading this book will find my tips quite useful in this turbulent times. The information that can be found in this book are the result of over twenty years of my own personal experiences with computer and electronic devices. Most of what I will be sharing with you are little known facts that computer manufacturers will not share with you. Their job is to sell equipment. The more equipment they sell, the more money they will make. It is more to their liking to sell you a new piece of equipment than to fix the computer that one of their customers purchased. Once the computer warranty has expired, you're on your own. The manufacturer, whether it be Apple, Microsoft, Toshiba, Hewlett Packard or any of the other manufacturer, is going to do their best to sell you a new computer.


In this book, you'll learn how to turn lemons into lemonade. Remember the wise adage, “The difference between knowledge and wisdom is knowing what to do next.”


In closing, it is my hope that the introduction to the book "Below The Radar" has motivated you the reader to purchase the book. You'll learn many things about computers and Internet security that you will not learn anywhere else.


If anyone would like to comment or want to share valuable information about this topic, I look forward to reading your reply.




Stephen Sindoni


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