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Sindoni Says will be a place where I will share my observations. Looking forward to creating a place of truth where Kool-Aid isn't served.

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Is America Free

Posted on February 25, 2017 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (1)

Is America Free


Our blog topic today is about freedom. I will begin this blog by asking the reader a question. Can anyone tell is America really the land of the free or the home of the brave? if this statement were true, then why are there over three hundred (300) Native American reservations spread out all over the United States? In this day and age this makes absolutely no sense.


History taught in school praises explorer Christopher Columbus for discovering America. When the great invader and pioneer of slavery landed on our shores, there were approximately over one hundred million indigenous people living on "Turtle Island" as it has been referred to by the indigenous people who were peacefully living here at the time of his barbaric arrival.


As a researcher, it saddens me to discover that in five hundred (500) years the one hundred million who were living in the Americas has declined and is probably less than twenty million Native Americans that are presently living in America. The Native American is becoming extinct like the buffalo who roamed the land in great number and so many other of the creator's creatures. Like the dinosaur who too roaming the United States in large numbers became extinct, there is a great probability that though the poisoning of their lake and rivers they too will become extinct in the not too distant future, unless something soon is done about it. The South Dakota pipeline Native American movement opposition is getting very little media coverage. Have we not learned from the Gulf Coast of Mexico's disaster? Will we allow these oil companies to destroy the water supply in the center of our country and effect the lives of millions of people? For, if there was a sinister plot behind the South Dakota pipeline, many people will surely die. Thus, the Native Americans living in these coastal water areas will become extinct.


Yet, we are all told by the media's minions that the American people are living in the greatest country in the world. I wonder how the Native Americans living under oppressed conditions

on reservations would respond to this statement? They would probably answer by saying " Read Red Earth, White Lie's by Native American activist Vine Deloria, Jr." I was once told by a native American elder, that the American people will one day wake up to discover that they too are prisoners in America and living in a prison with invisible bars.


So, what can we do as free sovereign human beings do to put an end to social injustice in this country? We can begin by taking back our god given unalienable right to freedom, fairness, and equality for everyone living on this planet. In order to take back the power, we must first recognize the fact we don't have the power. America has become Americant. There are rules and regulations for just about everything that we do. If someone wants to go salmon fishing, he or she must get a permit. That also applies to Native Americans fishing on their own reservations.


The American people are collateral that is expected to work hard to pay their taxes so that the elite can enjoy a lavish extravagant lifestyle at every tax payers expense. Most hard working Americans after paying their so called "Fair Share" to the government, have barely enough left over to make ends meet. And when that hard working American questions the political system, they become a threat to the system and are labeled anti-American.


Freedom has become another word for nothing left to lose. There is a double standard that must be done away with if our country is to evolve and thrive for all of its citizens. The scale of justice is in need of repair. Not all Americans are free. We have the largest prison population in the world. No country not even China, even comes close. The global prison population statistics provide a strong argument that Americans are less free than any of our neighbors abroad.


When individuals such as myself, who speak about social injustice, we become the enemy of the state and "Executive Orders" are signed behind closed doors to eliminate the so-called threat to the American way of life. No crime has been committed and no one has broken any of the thousands of laws that have put in place to keep Americans under control. Yet, people like myself, become the hunted by covert groups operating with immunity in this country. These minions are then dispatched to harass thousands of good hard working honest citizens just because they question authority and do not agree with the direction of this country's leadership.


Having identified a problem. and giving examples of public reaction to the problem of social injustice, it now time to offer a solution. Sindoni Says" If you want a different result, you must do something different in order to get the right results." Here in the next paragraph, I will discuss a solution that has helped me to take back my own personal sovereignty. The document I am referring to is know as "Know Your Right." The Public Servant Questionnaire can be purchased for an unbelievably low price of two dollars, The PDF document can be found in the web store on this website. I am offering the document at an affordable price so that everything can afford to buy. The information in the document is priceless. I personally never leave home without it.


The Public Service Questionnaire is a little know Federal Law enacted in 1974 which states: This questionnaire must be filled-out by any public servant before he or she ask the citizen any question. Federal law, including the Privacy Act, 5 U.S.C. 552a, 88 Stat. 1896, seq., 1974 authorize this.


1. Public servant's full legal name ______________________________________________________

2. Public servant's residential address____________________________________________________

3. Name of Agency___________________________________________________________________

4. Full Name of Supervisor and office address______________________________________________

5. Will you as a public servant uphold the constitution of the United States? Yes__ No___

6. Did public servant provide proof of identity? Yes___No___

7. ID Number:__________________________________________________________

Badge Number_______________________________________________________

Bonding Agency And Number____________________________________________

8. Will you as a public servant furnish a copy of the law or regulation that authorizes the action being taken or information required in this case? Yes___No___

9.. Will you as a public servant provide in writing, that portion of the law authorizing the questions asked? Yes___No___


After answering all the questions, the public servant must sign the last page of the document and then affirm that under the penalty of perjury that the answers are true and correct in every particular. And as final reminder there is a notice that states: If any person or agency receives any request for information relating to me, you must advise me in writing before releasing such information. Failure to do so may subject you to possible civil or criminal action as provided by this act or other law.


I have personally used this questionnaire and each time it has worked. law enforcement is well aware of this 1974 Federal Law. Know is power. I strongly recommend everyone reading this blog to purchase one from the web store.


In closing, if anyone has a comment about this blog or has has something important to share about this topic,I look forward to your reply.




Stephen Sindoni

Internet Freedom

Posted on February 21, 2017 at 9:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Our topic today is Internet freedom. I was not planning to discuss this subject today. At 7am on President's Day, I was on my Dell laptop when I realized that the battery needed to be charged. Normally, I just replace the battery with a secondary back up battery and back to work I go. But this would not be the way things turned out.

Changing out the dead battery, I then put in the replacement battery into the back of the laptop. Turning on the laptop, only to discover, that my replacement battery also needed to be recharged.

Against, my better judgment, I decided to plug in the Dell battery charger while finishing the desktop customization that only needed a couple more minutes to complete.

Next, I routinely plugged the power adapter to what I thought was a reliable surge protected power strip and powered up the computer. Within a matter of a few minutes, I can only describe what I am about to share with you as a Pearl Harbor attack. The attack was not conducted by a foreign power, the attack was done by our own military personnel.

My concentration was suddenly interrupted by the sound of a helicopter, flying dangerously low over the apartment building. Having been through this several times before, I desperately tried to unplug the power adapter from the computer. But it was too late, my computer mysteriously shut down. The monitor screen turned black. I feared the worst. The helicopter using Stealth “Stars Wars” weaponry sent out a high voltage electrical current that bypassed the power strip protector destroying the battery and charger. The next two hours was spent diagnosing my computer and determining that I had lost the use of the battery and charger. I had to replace both items.

 Later that day, I ventured out to a local electronics store. Once there, I ordered a replacement Dell Battery and charger. I was told by the electronics salesman that I would have to wait 3-5 days before my replacement would arrive. It would cost around eighty dollars to purchase the computer accessories.

 Since June of 2016, I've had to reinstall software on at least six computers. Fortunately for me, I am computer savvy. It usually takes me about two hours to reinstall on a computer using a Linux based operating system with all the bells and whistles.

As a direct result of all the terrorist type of commando tactics that I have experience with my computers, I have written a book entitled “Below The Radar.” In the book, I share many secrets that the computer manufacturers don’t want the customer to know.

“Below The Radar” is available in the web store. The information contained in this thought provoking book is priceless. It will open up the publics eyes when they learn that it is our own government who is spying on us.

In the book, I put the spotlight on the organizations that are preying on unsuspecting citizens. You will also learn how to protect your personal information. It is time for the public to be alerted to what is really going on in America and around the world.

Nothing that happens is bad. It is all about perception. Is the glass half full or is the glass half empty? It all depends on your point of view. The situation that I have described has taught me many valuable lessons. I speak my mind and refuse to drink the Kool-Aid.

In closing, if anyone has had a similar situation or an incident that they would like to share, please by all means, post it for others to learn from. I look forward to your thoughts and contributions to this blog.


Stephen Sindoni



No Kool-Aid Served Here.

Posted on February 17, 2017 at 8:45 AM Comments comments (7)

Sindoni Says will be a place where I will share my observations about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Looking forward to creating a place of truth where Kool-Aid isn't served. The first one hundred members who post a comment on the blog will receive a free copy of "Below The Radar."