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British Lions And Mexican Eagles 

Between 1889 and 1919, Sir Weetman Pearson (Also Known As Lord Cowdray) became one of the world's most important engineering contractors, a pioneer in the international oil industry, and one of Britain's wealthiest men. At the center of his global business empire were his interests in Mexico.

While Pearson's extraordinary success in Mexico took place within the context of unprecedented levels of British trade with and investment in Latin America, Garner argues that Pearson should be understood less as an agent of British imperialism than as an agent of Mexican state building and modernization. Pearson was able to secure contracts for some of nineteenth-century Mexico's most important public works projects in large part because of his reliability, his empathy with the development  project of Mexican President Porfirio Díaz, and his assiduous cultivation of a business network within the Mexican political elite. His success thus provides an opportunity to reappraise the role played by overseas interests in the national development of Mexico.


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Know Your Rights
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Know Thyself

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Planetary Alchemy: Astrology News by Sarolta

What is Planetary Alchemy?
Each and every one of us has a cosmic signature, an astrological fingerprint, that makes us unique, with specific gifts, challenges, and most importantly: individual purpose and potential.

My work is designed to help my clients and students find their unique blueprint so they can work within their own customized astrological signatures to reach full potentiality. There is a reason you are different from everyone else!

Why try to live up to someone else’s idea of what is and what should be?

You know deep within when someone tells you what you should be, do, etc. when it is not in alignment with your true inner knowing. I’m here to validate that inner knowing... as well as help you separate your own ideals, beliefs, and purpose from the beliefs of others that you have been fed your entire life.

You deserve to live your life as your true self - making no apologies for being who you are.

Evolve, Transmute, and Enjoy,

- Sarolta@saroltaastrolgynewsbysarolta

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