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Linux Mint Live Intro -- Linux Mint Live Bootable DVD

Published on Aug 26, 2013 - I made this video just to give new users a quick look at how the Linux Mint Live DVD works. Linux Mint is a very popular version of Linux on the desktop and a very viable replacement for Windows. I highly recommend it for several reasons. The first and foremost is that you almost eliminate any malware and virus threat from the Internet, it looks and feels a lot like Windows XP (in our version), and it's free. There are a lot more advantages that you can read about on our website. If you have an older computer lying around and want to create a great little Internet, email, video watching machine that is not susceptible to any Windows type malware and viruses this is a great choice. The only gotcha is that if you have specific Windows software that you must have, it won't run on Linux (not entirely true since you could install a virtual Windows environment but that's not for casual users). You can run this version of Linux right off the DVD or install to the computer's hard drive. Either way it works really well and can handle most data files from any Windows Software like MS Office and etc. I have many users on it that are very novice users and they have no trouble at all using it. Check it out and see for yourself how easy and functional Linux Mint is on the desktop.

Posted by Stephen on May 20, 2017 at 12:24 PM 21 Views