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The Phoenix Project Revelations

Posted on February 24, 2018 at 4:05 PM

The Phoenix Project Revelations


Date: February 24th,2018


After reading the book entitled “The Philadelphia Experiment Revelations” written by Timothy Beckley, I was able to put the puzzle pieces into place surrounding a very troubling and disturbing discovery that is being used against unsuspecting Americans throughout the United States.


My electrical wall outlet, television, Cable box, internet router, DVD player and my rabbit ear antenna was being used to send deadly radar emissions that produced interference when using any of these electronic devises.


Each and every time that I turned on any of these devises, I became dizzy and groggy. I would for no other reason fall asleep. The next thing I experienced was being jolted while sitting in front of the television.


By increasing the range between 425-450 Mega hertz radio frequency power, the human mind can be manipulated and controlled. By changing the pulse, a person can be made to laugh, cry, show anger, fear and be put to sleep.


On countless occasions, I found myself being put to sleep. Upon awaking finding out that someone had entered my apartment searching through my computers and personal items.


In Vietnam, various frequencies were hurled at the Viet Cong that was so strong that they shattered the ear drums of the people bursting their heads and killing them.


An important part of the Phoenix Project was the use of “The Sage Radar System.” It had been discovered that radio signals in the 425 to 450 Mega Hertz range were required to get “Inside” the human consciousness to allow for mind control attempts. The Sage Radar Systems ran at these frequencies, and could be converted into a huge radio sound easily.


A shocking fact was that there was a needle nose 15 foot antenna on the roof of the building directly across the street. The roof antenna can be purchased from any home electronics store. To my surprise, there was a Hasidim Jew dressed in black holding a hand held devise pointed directly at my window.


I immediately called Time Warner cable and told them of my suspicions. They immediately sent out a senior technician to try and fix the problem. The suspicious man on the balcony appeared each and every time on his balcony. Coincidence? I think not!


Not long after, I had the Cable box and the Internet disconnected. It was then that I decided to purchase a RCA digital indoor amplified antenna- Model# MAT251. The antenna enhances reception by amplifying weak signals allowing you to watch High Definition (HD) and digital TV broadcasts for free.


Another shocking fact that I discovered by simply reading the box was that the antenna had frequency ranges as high as 470 to 698 Mega Hertz. So, Someone still had the capability of sending harmful Sage High Frequency Radar Waves into my wall outlets and through my electronics products.


So, what could I do to solve this deadly problem? I purchased a portable generator and using a power strip placed my TV, DVD player and RCA Digital Antenna into the power strip and do not use any electrical power from the wall outlet. Thus, solving the problem.


My advise to anyone reading this important blog, be proactive! Take a walk around the block and look out your window and observe all that you see around you.


Comments welcome.




Stephen Sindoni

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