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Was Noah Raped By His Youngest Son Ham?

Posted on February 26, 2018 at 4:35 PM

Was Noah Raped By His Youngest Son Ham?


In The King James Bible in the book of Genesis Chapter 9, beginning at Versus 18, we learn that Noah after drinking wine had become drunk. Noah then fell asleep in his tent. Not long after, Noah was violated and raped by his youngest son Ham. After raping his father, Ham left the tent and told his two older brothers, Japeth & Shem, that he went into their father’s tent and saw him sleeping nude in his tent. The brothers went to their father’s tent and covered him


When the biblical Noah woke up, he realized that his youngest son Ham had raped him. Just like a virgin when a man is violated, he will also bleed. Noah probably also discovered sperm sticking to his rectum area. Not long after Noah curses his son Ham and his son one Canaan and his other two sons Japeth and Shem. They were all cursed and as a direct result of their father’s curse were forced to depart and decided that they would split up and make there exodus in three (3) different directions. Noah’s son’s were ashamed for what they had done to their father. It was decided by leaving Noah’s son’s (Moe, Larry & Curly) would be able to keep the raping of their father Noah a secret.

In Chapter ten (10) we also learn that all three sons after arriving in three different continents would procreate and produce other new races of people. I find this to be rather amusing when you realize that the creation of new races would have been impossible to do by Noah’s son’s. Especially, if we are to believe that Noah and his lineage were the only one’s whose lives were spared in the flood. The old testament has to be the “Greatest Alien Story” ever created.


In closing, Sindoni Says: Someone should have proof read the Old Testament before sending it to the printer.


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