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Bait The Hook to Catch The Fish (Mr. Goldstien)

Posted on August 5, 2017 at 6:30 PM

Bait The Hook to Catch The Fish (Mr. Goldstien)

Upon returning from vacation. I learned that someone had hacked into my laptop computer.

What I discovered was that someone had created an additional Guest Account and also

created a Wi-Fi Bridge to be able to access the Internet. After realizing I was hacked,

I contacted my Internet provider and asked them to look over my settings. I specifically

requested that my Modem should only have an ethernet connection. Because Wi-FI is Spy-Fi.

The Tech Support person informed me that there was no Wi-FI on my account. They went on to say,

that someone had to physically have access to my laptop computer. I baited the hook by leaving

my computer where someone would take the bait (Mr. Goldstien) and without my consent hacked

into my computer. So, the hacker thought that I wouldn’t figure it out. And that’s exactly what I

wanted him to think. He fell into my trap. I simply chuckled and told the Tech Support Representative

what I had discovered and explained to him how easy it would be for me to wipe the laptop clean and

reinstall a new Linux Operating System. Within a matter of 2 hours, I was able to reinstall a new

Linux Operating System solving the problem.

For those of you who doubt the aforementioned statement, simply Google the NSA and see what

they instruct their new recruits about Wi-FI and Bluetooth connections. Neither one is secure.

Only a fool uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. How many of you reading this blog know how to check

the network settings on your computer? Maybe it’s time you start learning about Internet freedom

and download a free copy of my new book “Below The Radar.”

Be On The Look Out for New York License Plate Numbers:

HFT-3119, GFN-8171, GHB-5514, GPM-9193


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