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Microsoft Skype Voice Chat Revealed

Posted on March 19, 2017 at 11:10 AM

Microsoft’s Skype Voice Chat Revealed


In this blog, I will share little known information regarding the widely used Microsoft Skype voice chat software application. Information such as what I will be sharing today can be found in my new book entitled “Below The Radar.” The book is only available in the Web Store on this website. It is a must read for anyone who connects to the Internet.

I will give anyone who posts to this blog, a free copy.


At the present time, there are well over 60 million people who use Microsoft’s voice and video chat to communicate with one another across the entire globe. Many of these individuals trust the software application to send out and exchange files, documents, photos, and personal information; without giving it a second thought.


Here Now is The Problem


Government snitch whistle blower and double agent, “I’d like to add,” Edward Snowden

has alerted the American people and the world to outrageous spying programs under the code name “Prism” which are being used with the help of the Microsoft Corporation.


The National Security Agency (NSA) have been given the authority to access anyone’s personal computer and gather information on unsuspecting citizens without his or her permission.


Most all of the Microsoft Skype account users have installed the Skype software via their Administrative accounts. Then they launch the Microsoft Account and follow the instructions to create an account. Then the user launches the Skype software application in the administrator account to use the service. The Skype user is unaware that everything on his or her computer can be accessed and then used against them without ever suspected that they have just been hacked.


Public Reaction


A great number of Microsoft Skype users have experienced Identity Theft, have had their bank accounts wiped clean and all of their personal information stolen. The list of offenses from hackers is far too much for me to cover in this blog post. Everyone using Microsoft Skype is at risk world wide. So, what if anything can be done about it?




I have created a Step-By Step Microsoft Skype Security Process which I believe can put an end to prying eyes having access to our computers. The security steps are as follows:

Steps to Follow


1. Log in to your Administrator account on your personal computer.

2. Make sure that Blue Tooth is turned off.

3. Make sure that you are working off line.

4. Create a Standard User account with limited privileges, name it Skype.

5. Create a strong password

6. Do not store the password on the computer.

7. Make sure that you do not use the same password for the Microsoft account.

8. Now, sign out of the Administrator user account.

9. Now, log in to the newly created Skype limited privileges standard user account.

10. If you are able to log in to the Skype User account. Use it only to access Skype.

11. Do not store any personal files or any information. Keep it clean.

12. Sign out of the Skype User Limited privileges account.

13. Log back into the Administrator account on the computer.

14. Go to your applications folder if you have already installed Microsoft’s Skype.

15. Remove the Skype software.

16. Then using an Ethernet hard wired connection, reinstall the Microsoft Skype software.

17. Check to make sure that the software has been installed before logging off the Internet.


19. Now Log out of the Administrator account.

20. Log back in as the limited privileges standard Skype User account.

21. Search the account and locate the Skype Software.

22. Plug in the Ethernet wire and connect to the Internet.

23. Now launch the Skype Software.

24. You be asked to create a new account if you don’t already have one.

25. If you have a Microsoft account already just sign in like normal.

26. For those who do not have an account, you will have to create one.

27. Make sure you create a strong password and do not store it on the computer.

28. Make sure that you do not use the same password that was created for the Skype user account on your computer. The passwords should be different.

29. Connect a external microphone into the computer.

30. If you plan to use video chat activate the Web camera.

31. Now go into the Skype account and make a test phone call.

32. Go through all of the preferences to customize the account.

33. Set up the voice mail and record your message. Then listen to it.

34. You are now ready to connect to the world!

35. Should you need to send out a file, document, or any other information, then I strongly recommend attaching a thumb drive with only the information that you plan to send out over the Skype network.

36. Because you are signed in as a limited privileges standard account Skype user, none of your personal information can be hacked or stolen.

For additional security, after creating the Standard User Skype account, you can purchase a Live DVD Operating System from I recommend purchasing Linux Mint 18.0. The cost is around 6 dollars with free shipping. You can use the Live DVD to go on the internet securely and use it to sign into the account that you created. This will allow you to be operating in what I call a "Cyber Safe"space and untouchable by prying ears and eyes.


In closing, I hope you the reader have found this information to be useful. If anyone would like to comment on this topic, I will send you a free copy of “Below The Radar.” For those who want the book, it can be found on this website under the Web Store tab.


Till next time,


Stephen Sindoni



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