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Posted on March 18, 2017 at 2:15 PM


GET READY TO BE STUNNED !!!-- here's who BARACK OBAMA realllly IS !!!

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December 13, 2015, 4:03 am CST


GET READY FOR AN INTENSELY STUNNING TRIP-- "DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE".....FIRST LET US INTRODUCE YOU TO "BARACK OBAMA"s REAL brother ....His name is NOT Sotero/Soetero......LOOK !!!! --Here is the fake USA president's -- REAL actual BROTHER -- Take a look: THE ACTUAL REAL BROTHER-------** IS THE PRINCE OF THAILAND**.... "Barack" is not 'half-black-half white' -- HE'S ASIAN -- This is "Barack"s ACTUAL REAL B R O T H E R -----





Courageous INVESTIGATOR Stephen Sindoni brought out the info over FOUR YEARS ago about WHO the supposed "Barack Obama" really IS. But he was called loco by trolls at the time, and his outing was suppressed, pushed aside, discarded or called rantings of a kook. HOWEVER an INTEL analyst of a very senior caliber and former TOP GOV'T AGENCY CONTRACTOR has just confirmed to us confidentially and declared that SINDONI's conclusion about who BARACK really IS --- is 100% correct. "Barack" is the SECOND SON of the King of Thailand. And as to WHY the King voluntarily GAVE UP his second son to the CIA for the CIA to groom him as a long-controlled asset destined to eventually become USA PRESIDENT, is simple---- ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY AND POWER. The King's OTHER son will be heir to the THAI throne. But THE KING and the government of THAILAND have for decades been making a scoundrels' MULTI TRILLION DOLLAR fortune - by engaging in ILLEGAL DRUG TRADE WITH THE CIA. In order to not only preserve this illegal drug trade but ALSO TO PROTECT it from detection and investigation, the King decided in concert with GHW BUSH and the CIA to give his SECOND SON to a long form CIA psy-op project which would eventually place "BARACK" in the White House, and thus "Barack" would run a good eight years of intense and effective cover-up of the ILLICIT Thai-CIA DRUG TRADE SECRETS.





HERE IS THE SHOCKING AND TELLING FORENSIC REVELATION of *WHO Obama is*. THE FIRST PART OF THIS INTERVIEW with courageous Investigator Stephen Sindoni outs some further secrets about the 9/11 FALSE FLAG. If you want to jump directly to the section outing "BARACK OBAMA"s true identity - jump to-- 20:25 inward -- (listen and watch to then end)........ AND.... FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELT THIS IS VERY WILD RIDE---



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