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Youtube Censorship

Posted on February 27, 2017 at 6:45 PM

Out topic today is Youtube censorship. There has been a concerted effort for well over ten years to suppress viewers from accessing many of my Youtube channel videos. Thus, many of the functions on the sites don't work. The video counters are being frozen and the actual numbers are hidden from viewers and subscribers.

In 2010, I was first told by one of my subscribers about what was happening on my main Youtube channel Sindoni productions.  Upon following up on the information, I discovered that my web sites were being targeted. Many of the functions were being tampered with. My comments were disabled. Each time, I changed the settings on the channe, minutes later, they were changed. There was someone in the back end of my video channel.

I decided to create a second Youtube channel with the hope that this new channel would be safe from the hackers. Unfortunately, the new WebFlixsGuy channel was also hacked. It was a very sad set of circumstances to have violated on both of my video channels.

I then created a third Yotube channel at stephensworldtv. Within a matter of a few days, once again the hackers reappeared to create havoc on the Yotube stephensworldtv channel. The video counters were being held back. In the past, I'd get thousands of views, but now I was lucky if my videos had thirty views. It was obvious that there was a major effort being undertaken to stop my freedom of expression.

In spite of this devious behavior by the Internet police, I have millions of views on two of the three channels that i have mentioned in this blog.

In closing, I'd just like to say, "Freedom of speech comes with a warning label: It could be hazardous to your health."


Stephen Sindoni

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