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Sindoni Says will be a place where I will share my observations. Looking forward to creating a place of truth where Kool-Aid isn't served.

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Sindoni Says Web Site Under Attack

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Due to the constant harrassment by unknown hackers, my Video Gallery page is getting hacked. As a direct result of this tampering, I have created three new video channel playlists. Sindoni Productions (SP) Web Flixs Guy (WFG) & Stephen's World TV (SWTV). Sorry for the inconvenience.

Should you experience any problems accessing any of the many features and functions of this site, please go to the Contact page and leave a message for the webmaster. Your help in this matter is very important to the future of this website.


Stephen Sindoni

Members Blog Post Instructions

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Our topic today is Webs Member Blog Posting Instructions. Here are the steps to guide you on how to complete a comment for the Blog, Forum, and Guest Book pages.


1. Access the live Blog Page of the Website.

2. Click on the Blog Post. Example; Sindoni Says.

3. In order to comment, please scroll to the bottom of that post.

4. Member are required to Sign In.

5. Once a member is signed in, that individual can post.

6. For those who are not yet members, these individuals are required to Register.


Note: I have provided two articles to give additional info on Members Application and the Blog.







If anyone should have a problem with the active links above, then I strongly recommend  that you copy the link and paste it into the web browser to get access to the information.


In closing. I look forward to reading your comments.




Stephen Sindoni

Sindoni Says Autobiography

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Our topic for today is “Sindoni Says.” In this blog, I will share with you the reader an excerpt from the PDF E Book “Sindoni Says” that can be found in the web store on this web site. The book shares little know personal facts about a spiritual being living in a material world. The “Sindoni Says” autobiography excerpt reads as follows:


The year now was 1986 and I was renting an apartment on 87th Street in Queens, New York. The neighborhood was made up of hard working blue-collar first generation immigrants. It was a very safe and sound and quiet neighborhood. It was close to Forest Park a place that in the summer months I would frequent often. I was living a bachelor’s life and working for a company in Long Island City in western Queens, just across the East River from Midtown Manhattan.


There were no traumatic experiences such as a death, loss of a job, divorce, or any other event that led to my taking a closer examination of my life. It was time to find out what it meant to be born again. I knew that living according to my conscience would greatly help my rebirth. Shutting out all negative thoughts was vital to my transformation.


I would have to eliminate what I deemed the seven deadly sins; Ego, greed, envy, jealousy, hatred, anger, and lust. This would be a challenge to be able to rise above the every day temptations that were dangling before me like a carrot. I would have to have the patience of Job, the wisdom of King Solomon, and the passion of David in the Old Testament.


What I’m about to share with you now was what I have labeled “The Awakening.” The events that follow are my factual account of the first of a number of spiritual encounters I have received. I came home from work and just like all other bachelor’s I realized the cupboard was bare. I decided to go out to the store and buy some groceries. As I was ready to head to the check out counter, I noticed a white spiritual candle. I selected it and added it to my shopping cart.


Later that same evening, I added nine (9) pennies in a white saucer with the pennies surrounding the candle. As I lit the candle, I prayed the Lord’s Prayer and contemplated all the events in my life. Then I thought about my grandfather and wanted to contact him and tell him that I missed him. For those of you who aren’t familiar, this is known as a Novena. The Novena is for nine days and at the end of the nine days or whenever the white candle burns out whatever you wished for would come true.

Some people wish for material things, others wished for happiness. In the late hours of the evening, I began reading the Bible seeking words of wisdom. Then by the light of day, I would have the faith to face those seven deadly adversaries on the battlefield we call life. I was going to use my ego as a good trait to achieve my goals. I would learn to master my ego to produce passionately the good things in my life. I would greet greed in the same way. I would be happy for others success. I would not be envious of their accomplishments, nor would I be jealous of there possessions. I would not feel hatred for anyone who treated me unfairly. I would not display anger at one of God’s creations. I would not lust for another man’s wife. I would leave a lasting impression on every person that I would meet. I would not prejudge anyone or rush to making judgment. Let the courts decide man’s law. My spiritual path was in its infancy. I knew that I was heading in the right direction. I had a road map and a light to follow down this unfamiliar road, or was it really unfamiliar? I had been down this road once or twice before?


Five days later, at 6am in the morning my alarm clock went off. It was time to go to work. I got up and head straight to the bathroom. When I returned to my bedroom to get ready to go to work, I could smell the recognizable scent of my grandfather’s Lucky Strike cigarette. I knew right away that something strange was happening. The next thing I heard was my grandfather’s voice. He said, “Stevie don’t take the car out today you’re going to have a bad accident.” I couldn’t believe my ears! I hadn’t been called Stevie in years. I belted out “Papa is that you?”


I remember taking a shower, getting dressed for work, and making a pot of Maxwell House coffee. I breathlessly paced around the living room while taking periodic gulps of my coffee. I kept thinking about the 9-day Novena. Who would believe this story? If I told the wrong person, I could find myself taken out of my apartment in the middle of the night in a straight jacket to New York’s infamous Bellevue Hospital’s crazy ward where I would waste the rest of my life playing cards with the Loonie Boys.


I headed out the door and walked to the city subway to catch the train to go to work that morning. My company car was parked in the lot and I had to go to pick it up. I had a sales call to make at the headquarter office of Giant Carpets in Secaucus, New Jersey at 10am. It was about a forty-five minute drive from the office and I didn’t want to be late. My plan was to grab the car keys, and get to my appointment.

The initial thing I noticed when I got to work; was that the car keys were not hanging in the usual place. I asked the attendant for the car keys. He told me that he was instructed to tell me to report directly to Mr. Stein’s office.


While I was walking into the main building, I thought: “what’s going on here?” When I reached Mr. Stein’s I could see that he was visibly shaken. Normally Mr. Stein was sitting upright in his chair, hair combed, with a big smile on his face. The first words out of his mouth were; “You can not take the car out today!” He then said that he had taken the car out earlier this morning and was going to take it into Manhattan for about an hour. He went on to say: “As I was exiting the 59th Street Bridge, the damn brakes locked, and I lost total control of the car. Luckily, I was able to stop the car before it went over the median into the East river.”


Mr. Stein gave me a crisp new one hundred dollar bill and got the secretary on the intercom to call for a taxicab. I thanked him for keeping me out of harm’s way. I waited for the taxicab, I thought to myself: “my grandfather saved my life”. Who would believe this incredible story?


The next two days were spent taking public transportation until the car was repaired. When I got the car back from the auto repair shop, I learned that the master cylinder was what caused the brakes to fail. For the next two days, all I heard was that I was a lucky a guy. Yes, I was a lucky guy! There was no doubt in my mind that my life’s purpose and direction was still unfinished. There was more work to do on a physical, spiritual, and on an emotional level. It was at this moment I learned to have an attitude of gratitude. I was now thankful for all of life’s blessings. I would no longer take even the smallest things for granted. I spent the rest of the week reflecting on the peculiar circumstances. This was no easy assignment. Have do you rationalize or even try to explain a spiritual encounter. Who, for that matter would even believe my story? How can anyone put it in proper perspective?


I continued praying until the candle was entirely melted. I gave thanks to God for keeping me out of harm’s way. I then asked for spiritual direction. I was now listening to the voice from within. Would my question finally be answered? The best way I can attempt to describe it would be to use the analogy: “Some people are on regular broadcast TV, some are on Cable TV, some are on Satellite TV, some are on Direct TV, or even On Demand TV. I on the other hand, was given a free subscription to Universal TV. Now, all I needed to do was turn to the right frequency when I needed guidance.

I began to pose the question: “why am I here”, and "what is the purpose of my life on this earth?" The realization that life can be taken away without a moments notice played a big role in my "seeking God." The foundations that were built now would develop a stronger character and give me the understanding needed to learn my true self.


In closing, if anyone would like to leave a comment or share any information regarding this topic, I look forward to reading your reply.




Stephen Sindoni


Giants In America

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Our topic for today is “Giants in America” In this blog, I will share with you the reader an excerpt from the PDF E Book “Stockton Record News Paper” that can be found in the web store on this web site. The book shares little know secrets about the discovery of giant skeletons 7- 12 feet tall, that were found in the Cascade mountain range of Northern California by a mysterious elderly gentleman who went by the name J.C. Brown. After spinning his amazing tale to the town’s people of Stockton California, J.C. Brown simply disappeared. The excerpt reads as follows:


Stockton Record 1934 News Article JC Brown

Here’s Brown’s Weird Tale of Lost “Village.”


Brown’s original story as told to a representative of the record a month and a half ago, probably for the first time in Stockton, minus details concerning his personal history, follows:


“I found this cave while working in the Cascade Mountains for The Lord Cowdray Mining Company of England. I noticed a section of the rock in the face of the cliff which did not jibe with the formation of the real of the mass.”


Entering the Tunnel:

“After removing the rock, I entered the tunnel which curved downward. Three miles from the mouth of the tunnel, which was seven feet wide and ten feet high, I struck a cross section containing gold bearing ore. Further on, I struck another cross section where this ancient race had apparently mined copper.


The air in one section was bad. I believe the other cross sections outcropped on some other part of the mountain. The decline continued and eleven miles inside the mountain and approximately 2300 feet from the surface, I struck what I called “The Village.”


Filled With Tablets:

Two rooms about 12 by twenty feet were filled with copper and gold tablets, about three by four inches and concave, so that one laid inside one other. The rooms were literally full of three plates, inscribed neatly. Another room contained many weapons. The tempered copper spears were so that one could bend the head of the weapon to the base of the shaft and it would spring back into place.


Streets Laid Out:

“Streets were laid out in the village. In one long room were laid out at angles to the wall 27 skeletons, the smallest of which was 6 feet 6 inches and the tallest more than 10 feet. In another room lay, apparently embalmed by some secret process, the bodies of a man and a woman, dressed in royal robes, which I believe were the king and queen of this race.”


Part II


“The worship room was beautiful to behold. There on the walls were three great crosses not of the conventional modern type, and a sun designed, worked in copper and gold. The streamers from the sun were worked in gold stringers. There were, I believe 13 statues made of copper and gold.”


Lost Race:

“I believe this race of people forms an important link in ancient American history. They were highly skilled craftsman, as their work shows. Because there was a glow to three of these statues, I believe they used radium, and I believe it was with use of radium that they tempered the copper.


My wish is to enlist a corps of trained people, whom I shall pay well for their services, to assist me in cataloging these specimens. I want the relics in this cave to remain intact. Those in two other caves which I have located may go to those who have aided me.”


Claimed Pictures:

“In a vault in a Texas bank I have pictures of this scene and papers. You see, my family planned to exploit the cave themselves. My wife’s father, my wife, my two daughters, and an old college chum. A series of tragedies struck me. First one died, then another; one was killed in an accident and the others died. I was hurt in an accident. I lost all heart in this ambition, but I’m getting back on my feet again, and if my health holds out, I’ll get started.


“Have you ever read or studied anything about the lost continent of Lemuria? Scientists claim it is the connecting link in the story of civilization. I believe here is the key to that lost civilization.”


Check out the web store, the PDF Stockton Record News Paper article is a great gift to give to a friend, a family member or anyone who enjoys an unsolved mystery.



In closing, if anyone would like to leave a comment or share any information regarding this topic, I look forward to reading your reply.




Stephen Sindoni


Positive Thinking

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Our topic for today is “Positive Thinking.” In this blog, I will share with you the reader an excerpt from the PDF E Book “Know Thyself that can be found in the web store on this web site. The book shares little know secrets in how anyone can be the best they can possibly be, by following a step by step process. The excerpt reads as follows:


In the year 337 BC Philip II of Macedonia invited Aristotle, a renowned philosopher of his day to the Capital city of Pella to undertake the education of his son Alexander, then thirteen. Aristotle labored at the task for four years instructing the young lad forming his mind. Lysimicus taught him to write letters and Leonidus trained his body. Alexander admired Greek Literature and he envied Greek civilization.He was a lover of all kinds of reading and had a passionate thirst for learning.

Alexander was blessed with soft, blue, melting eyes and luxurious blond hair. He was sentimental and emotional. Physically he was strong and well proportioned. Though not tall, he was excellent in all sports and could have easily entered the Olympic Games because of his physical agility.

The Greeks viewed sport as a vital and important form of artistic expression. Only freeborn Greeks were allowed to compete in the games. The athletes were submitted to ten months of rigorous training under the tutelage of professional instructors to prepare for the events.

In Greece, there was no greater fame for a man. Victorious athletesreceived jubilant welcomes as they returned home from competition receiving triumphant processions and were treated as royalty. Statues were erected in their honor and they were held in highest esteem.

Alexander’s friends tried unsuccessfully to convince him to enter the games.Alexander’s response “Only if my opponents are Kings will I compete”. One quality in him dominated all the rest ---- ambition. Alexander was a hero worshiper and wanted desperately to please his father.

Philip spent most of his time away on campaign and upon his return to Pella, was fully occupied with diplomatic affairs and state banquets. He spent very little time with young Alexander. Alexander’s relationship with Philip was rather complex. There was a genuine admiration, but also an underlying competitiveness between the two. He wanted badly to follow in his father’s footsteps. Alexander’s fear was that Philip would leave nothing for him to conquer. The lad was extremely ambitious.

From an early age Alexander was accustomed to the company of politicians, artists, ambassador, and generals. He would imitate their phrases and conversational tone with accuracy. Alexander was destined to become a man of action. Alexander absorbed politics, science, and a love for Homer’s epic “The Iliad.” He lusted for Homeric glory. He saw himself as Achilles a great conqueror, one thousand years before him. He deemed it as the perfect treasure of all military virtue and knowledge.

Alexander would memorize each and every line and recite important passages to build his inner strength, morning, noon, and night. He began to condition his mind to make his vision a reality.


Alexander would see himself winning battle after battle. He could taste the victory in his mouth, as if it were red wine. He could smell the incense and myrrh brought back from his conquests. Alexander used the power of his own mind to believe strongly that his creative vision would come to pass. His Life’s purpose and direction were becoming clearer with each passing day.

Alexander conversed with the great scholars of his time until sometimes into the early morning hours. He kept his thoughts clearly focused on unifying the eastern Mediterranean world into one culture.

Once Alexander’s school days were over, he was formally appointed “Regent of Macedonia” and “Master of the Royal Seal.” He was given an experienced council as his advisor.


No sooner had Philip left on his Byzantine campaign, a rebellion broke out among the Maedi, a powerful warlike tribe. Alexander without hesitation took an expedition north and defeated the rebels, capturing the city, and renaming it Alexandropolis in imitation of his father’s similar outpost Philipolis.


Meanwhile Philip’s campaign was not going well, and he summoned his son Alexander for a decisive battle at Chaerona, northeast of Athens. Philip commanded on the right wing, while Alexander only eighteen, led a pre-dawn cavalry charge on the left, delivering the knockout blow that clinched Philip’s victory.


Alexander was a brave soldier whose perseverance marched onward. He led his troops by the brilliance of his boyish imagination. He believed that nothing was impossible and he inspired his generals on to victory.


After Philip’s death at the hands of an assassin, Alexander came to power. He was prepared to dominate the world and make his father’s vision a reality. Remembering his father’s words “Oh my son, seek out a kingdom worthy of yourself, for Macedonia is too little.”


On a bright sunny day in 334 BC, Alexander led thirty thousand foot soldiers and five thousand cavalry from the city of Macedonia. He also brought along botanists, geographers, and steppers to measure distance. Alexander went forth not only to conquer but survey the new world! Alexander taking the helm of a galley ship navigated south to Troy. His journey to Troy was to obtain a symbol of good luck. He received a sacred shield from the Trojan War nearly one thousand years earlier in exchange for his armor. Alexander believed that he was the hero in Homer’s classic “The Iliad” and that history would again repeat itself.


Alexander returned from Troy with the Trojan symbol of good luck and his most treasured possession “The Iliad” which he slept with under his pillow beside his dagger. Armed with the sacred shield he was ready to do battle. Alexander led his men to victory at Granicus River. In the next thirteen years, he mapped unknown territories, built cities,opened trade routes, and stimulated the exchange of ideas between three continents.


In the spring of 323 BC, Alexander returned to Babylon, for the last time. Worn out from wounds and hardships, he fell ill with a fever. He could neither move nor speak. He was propped up so that all of his officer’s and soldier’s could file past and pay their respects. Alexander acknowledged each and every man with his eyes. Two days later he died.


Alexander’s belief is what made him great. He believed so strongly that his vision came to pass. Alexander stood alone against half the world and because of his positive thinking he encouraged all that he came into contact with, to use the incredible power that lies within each of us. “Know Thyself”


Beyond the ancient story of Alexander lies truth. But real truth can only be found from within. Each individual must seek out their own fulfillment in life. The true wisdom of the ages is to “Know Thyself.” Just as Alexander marched through life with confidence and courage, you must do exactly the same if you want to be successful.


Alexander knew he had a choice between a long peaceful life or a career of spectacular fame. He chose fame. What will you choose? The decision is entirely up to you. In order to reach the end of your journey successfully like Alexander, you will need to navigate through some rough and unfamiliar waters to become the person that you want to be.

Do you have the confidence and courage it takes to succeed? Do you have the strength and perseverance needed to move forward in spite of the obstacles and despair? If you are having difficulty honestly answering these questions, then I suggest that you follow Alexander’s’ story more closely.


Check out the web store, the book is a great gift to give to a friend, a family member, or anyone who needs a way to become a more “Positive Thinker.”


In closing, if anyone would like to leave a comment or share any information regarding this topic, I look forward to reading your reply.




Stephen Sindoni


De Niro Rant

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Robert De Niro snaps at wife for 'spending all my money'

Trouble is brewing over Grace Hightower’s coffee company. We’re told that her husband, Robert De Niro — who is a major investor in the firm — is steamed because the 5-year-old Grace Hightower & Coffees of Rwanda brand is turning into a money pit.

New York Post reports that Hightower has frustrated business associates — as well as the legendary actor — by dithering over simple decisions, and “changing her mind about how to run the business depending on who she spoke to last.”

A source tells the paper that, in a moment of frustration, De Niro boiled over while bickering with Hightower in public at a Manhattan bar, telling her, “I wouldn’t have to keep making s - - tty movies if you didn’t spend all my money!”

In recent years, comedians such as Joel McHale have teased De Niro over his choice of roles, some of which — such as those in “Dirty Grandpa,” “Grudge Match” and “The Intern” — may not live up to his status as the multi-Oscar-winning actor from “Raging Bull,” “Taxi Driver” and “The Godfather: Part II.”

Meanwhile, defenders of HightowerThe point to a slew of establishments that carry her coffee, including the Ace Hotel, the Breslin, Salvation Burger, Salvation Taco, White Gold, the Williamsburg Hotel and De Niro’s raft of hotels and restaurants, including the Greenwich Hotel and the Nobu chain.

A rep strongly denied the claims.

Sindoni Says: If you look closely in movies that have been made in the last twenty years, you will notice that actors like Robert De Niro are wearing at least one prosthetic blue tooth ear piece to receive their lines from the director. Look closely when the camera zooms in for a close up and you’ll be amazed to see the difference in size of one ear from the other. When you take a closer look, you’ll be dumbfounded that on the prosthetic ear there is no opening into the ear canal. Sad but true.

Where all all the great method actors? Probably in “Hollywood” Heaven.

Looking forward to anyone who after doing the movie research, posts a comment on this observational topic.



Stephen Sindoni


Below The Radar-Free Download Limited Time Offer

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Our topic for today is Internet security. In this blog post, I will include the the introduction to my new book "Below The Radar." The PDF E book can be found in the web store on this web site. The "Below The Radar" introduction excerpt reads as follows:




In the early 1990's, I was working as a Video Sales Counselor for a large well known electronics company. My area of expertise was television, VCR, and video camcorders. At that time, televisions were analog and using rabbit ears antennas for broadcast reception. This was at a point in time when we as a nation were still relying on analog technology to watch television programs from local affiliates such as CBS, NBC, and ABC. In total, we had a little over a dozen channels to choose from. All the channels were being broadcast to our living rooms from within a fifty-mile radius. For those individuals who were living further away from the city, these individuals needed to have a high-powered roof antenna to be able to receive television signals to watch television at home. There was no digital television. This was at a time when we didn't even have cable television. But that was all about to soon change.


Our store manager held a meeting with the men who worked in the Video, Audio and Computer Departments to inform all of the employees that we would soon be getting a visit from Sales Representatives who worked for electronics manufacturing companies such as Sony, Mitsubishi, RCA, Sharp, JV, Toshiba and many others. The purpose for this visit was to inform us that digital television would soon be replacing the analog television sets that we had all had so become accustomed to. The Sales Representatives would be spreading the gospel that digital television would soon be replacing analog television sets. The Sales Representatives would be coming to our stores throughout the country. As a recall, our company had well over a hundred stores. This in my mind was huge!




Within a matter of days, the first Sales Representatives from RCA arrived with their product lines of digital televisions and went over the features, functions and benefits of each specific model. We were informed that all of our stores within the next sixty days would be soon receiving digital televisions.


They would no longer be shipping the analog models. All of their television sets would now be obsolete. The Sales Representative went on to say that the US. government in agreement with the Federal Communications Commission was mandating this change to be in full effect by the year 2000.


Being curious by nature, I pondering the thought, “Why would the government get involved with the FCC in this matter?” After our store received the first shipment of digital television sets, I asked one of my friends who worked in the Electronics Return Department to open the back of one the digital televisions.


What my friend and I discovered revealed a hidden built-in microphone that could be used to eavesdrop on personal conversations and a web-cam that could be used to watch unsuspecting US. citizens in their own home. Once the television set was connected to the cable box these features could be turned on and used to spy on all of us. Big Brother now had the capability to spy on 67 million households. Does this sound like the book written by George Orwell 1984? It was then I became highly suspicious.


What I knew about a television set’s ability to use 525 scanning lines to transmit an image called an aspect ratio, triggered an alarming question. What if someone decided to reduce the 525 scanning lines to create a smaller image, for example, a letterbox smaller, and wider screen similar to what you would see when you went to the movie theater would appear and the unused portion of the television screen could be used to send a higher EMF signal to the set that was designed to send harmful EMF waves to the unsuspecting viewer? Has anyone ever fallen asleep and left the television set on only to find the television screen size has been reduced similar to the letterbox theater image and as a direct result of changing the aspect ratio on your set and using the television set as a weapon of destruction against you, woke up with an extreme headache? It does make you wonder, doesn't it?


Has anyone ever set the microwave for let's say two minutes and noticed that somehow while you were standing next to the microwave that the timer setting was changed mysteriously to 20 minutes?


How about having the toaster set to a low number and discovering that your toast has been burned to a crisp? And you were standing right next to it? Did you ever wonder where your missing sock went in the clothes dryer? Can anyone reading these words tell me where the missing sock went? I'll leave this riddle for the May-tag repair man television commercial pitch man to figure out.


And lastly, how about getting hacked on your Microsoft Windows or Apple Operating System? Then you pick up the phone and call tech support and you explain the problem to the technician who walks you through a couple of steps to fix the problem. But he or she never explains what caused the malfunction. So, if you're like me, you want to know how to troubleshoot the problem to find the solution without ever having to call technical support.


The problems that I have cited in this introduction are the main reasons for writing this book. How many of you honestly read the manual (RTM) when you purchase a computer or any other electronic device?


Therefore, it is my hope that everyone reading this book will find my tips quite useful in this turbulent times. The information that can be found in this book are the result of over twenty years of my own personal experiences with computer and electronic devices. Most of what I will be sharing with you are little known facts that computer manufacturers will not share with you. Their job is to sell equipment. The more equipment they sell, the more money they will make. It is more to their liking to sell you a new piece of equipment than to fix the computer that one of their customers purchased. Once the computer warranty has expired, you're on your own. The manufacturer, whether it be Apple, Microsoft, Toshiba, Hewlett Packard or any of the other manufacturer, is going to do their best to sell you a new computer.


In this book, you'll learn how to turn lemons into lemonade. Remember the wise adage, “The difference between knowledge and wisdom is knowing what to do next.”


In closing, it is my hope that the introduction to the book "Below The Radar" has motivated you the reader to purchase the book. You'll learn many things about computers and Internet security that you will not learn anywhere else.


If anyone would like to comment or want to share valuable information about this topic, I look forward to reading your reply.




Stephen Sindoni


Is America Free

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Is America Free


Our blog topic today is about freedom. I will begin this blog by asking the reader a question. Can anyone tell is America really the land of the free or the home of the brave? if this statement were true, then why are there over three hundred (300) Native American reservations spread out all over the United States? In this day and age this makes absolutely no sense.


History taught in school praises explorer Christopher Columbus for discovering America. When the great invader and pioneer of slavery landed on our shores, there were approximately over one hundred million indigenous people living on "Turtle Island" as it has been referred to by the indigenous people who were peacefully living here at the time of his barbaric arrival.


As a researcher, it saddens me to discover that in five hundred (500) years the one hundred million who were living in the Americas has declined and is probably less than twenty million Native Americans that are presently living in America. The Native American is becoming extinct like the buffalo who roamed the land in great number and so many other of the creator's creatures. Like the dinosaur who too roaming the United States in large numbers became extinct, there is a great probability that though the poisoning of their lake and rivers they too will become extinct in the not too distant future, unless something soon is done about it. The South Dakota pipeline Native American movement opposition is getting very little media coverage. Have we not learned from the Gulf Coast of Mexico's disaster? Will we allow these oil companies to destroy the water supply in the center of our country and effect the lives of millions of people? For, if there was a sinister plot behind the South Dakota pipeline, many people will surely die. Thus, the Native Americans living in these coastal water areas will become extinct.


Yet, we are all told by the media's minions that the American people are living in the greatest country in the world. I wonder how the Native Americans living under oppressed conditions

on reservations would respond to this statement? They would probably answer by saying " Read Red Earth, White Lie's by Native American activist Vine Deloria, Jr." I was once told by a native American elder, that the American people will one day wake up to discover that they too are prisoners in America and living in a prison with invisible bars.


So, what can we do as free sovereign human beings do to put an end to social injustice in this country? We can begin by taking back our god given unalienable right to freedom, fairness, and equality for everyone living on this planet. In order to take back the power, we must first recognize the fact we don't have the power. America has become Americant. There are rules and regulations for just about everything that we do. If someone wants to go salmon fishing, he or she must get a permit. That also applies to Native Americans fishing on their own reservations.


The American people are collateral that is expected to work hard to pay their taxes so that the elite can enjoy a lavish extravagant lifestyle at every tax payers expense. Most hard working Americans after paying their so called "Fair Share" to the government, have barely enough left over to make ends meet. And when that hard working American questions the political system, they become a threat to the system and are labeled anti-American.


Freedom has become another word for nothing left to lose. There is a double standard that must be done away with if our country is to evolve and thrive for all of its citizens. The scale of justice is in need of repair. Not all Americans are free. We have the largest prison population in the world. No country not even China, even comes close. The global prison population statistics provide a strong argument that Americans are less free than any of our neighbors abroad.


When individuals such as myself, who speak about social injustice, we become the enemy of the state and "Executive Orders" are signed behind closed doors to eliminate the so-called threat to the American way of life. No crime has been committed and no one has broken any of the thousands of laws that have put in place to keep Americans under control. Yet, people like myself, become the hunted by covert groups operating with immunity in this country. These minions are then dispatched to harass thousands of good hard working honest citizens just because they question authority and do not agree with the direction of this country's leadership.


Having identified a problem. and giving examples of public reaction to the problem of social injustice, it now time to offer a solution. Sindoni Says" If you want a different result, you must do something different in order to get the right results." Here in the next paragraph, I will discuss a solution that has helped me to take back my own personal sovereignty. The document I am referring to is know as "Know Your Right." The Public Servant Questionnaire can be purchased for an unbelievably low price of two dollars, The PDF document can be found in the web store on this website. I am offering the document at an affordable price so that everything can afford to buy. The information in the document is priceless. I personally never leave home without it.


The Public Service Questionnaire is a little know Federal Law enacted in 1974 which states: This questionnaire must be filled-out by any public servant before he or she ask the citizen any question. Federal law, including the Privacy Act, 5 U.S.C. 552a, 88 Stat. 1896, seq., 1974 authorize this.


1. Public servant's full legal name ______________________________________________________

2. Public servant's residential address____________________________________________________

3. Name of Agency___________________________________________________________________

4. Full Name of Supervisor and office address______________________________________________

5. Will you as a public servant uphold the constitution of the United States? Yes__ No___

6. Did public servant provide proof of identity? Yes___No___

7. ID Number:__________________________________________________________

Badge Number_______________________________________________________

Bonding Agency And Number____________________________________________

8. Will you as a public servant furnish a copy of the law or regulation that authorizes the action being taken or information required in this case? Yes___No___

9.. Will you as a public servant provide in writing, that portion of the law authorizing the questions asked? Yes___No___


After answering all the questions, the public servant must sign the last page of the document and then affirm that under the penalty of perjury that the answers are true and correct in every particular. And as final reminder there is a notice that states: If any person or agency receives any request for information relating to me, you must advise me in writing before releasing such information. Failure to do so may subject you to possible civil or criminal action as provided by this act or other law.


I have personally used this questionnaire and each time it has worked. law enforcement is well aware of this 1974 Federal Law. Know is power. I strongly recommend everyone reading this blog to purchase one from the web store.


In closing, if anyone has a comment about this blog or has has something important to share about this topic,I look forward to your reply.




Stephen Sindoni

The Conscious Observer

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The Conscious Observer


Our topic of discussion today is entitled "The Conscious Observer." So, what does it mean to be a conscious observer? Most of the people that I know are all workers bees, They all get up early in the morning and within an hour rush out the front door on their way to work.


As a conscious observer, I can see them from my apartment window waiting at the bus stop holding a container of coffee. Shifting my eyes now reveals a number of people making their way up the stairs to the elevated train platform. Now zooming in to the city street, I observe people male and female unlocking their car doors. Not long after, all of these people can be seen speeding away.


Everyone at the bus stop are either looking at there watch or checking a hand held device. No one is talking or communicating with one another. Communication is non existent. The people appear to be in a robotic trance like state. All in a hurry, places to go to and people to see.


Walking away from the front door, I turn my attention to the clock on the kitchen wall. Ten minutes have elapsed, where did the time go? Taking a second look at the clock, I watch the second hand on the clock racing around at a rapid pace. Time is passing much too quickly. Yet, I know what I am observing is normal.


Following my daily ritual, I make myself a cup of Chinese green tea with ginseng. Sipping on the brew slowly, I begin to ponder the reality that I do not have to punch a time clock. There is no place that I need to rush off too. There will be no boss waiting for me to arrive today. Stephen is outside of the matrix.


Summarized all of my observations, I realize the importance of having an attitude of gratitude for being given this opportunity to experience this precious moment in time. This precious moment is a gift, that is why they call it the present. I am gifted a brand new day to do with it as I wish. I alone are responsible for my choices and decisions on this day. No one can take away my free will. I am a free thinking man. No one can control my thoughts. I will not listen to any negative chatter and be tricked into being conditioned to think a certain way. Ego will not stand in my way and screw up this perfect day. I will not allow it.


Finishing my tea, I spend the next fifteen (15) minutes meditating and asking for the guidance from the creator to give me a download for what I need to do today. Taking out a notebook, I write down the words think tank and just start writing whatever comes into my mind. Afterwards, looking over the words that I had written, I then construct a "To do" list and plan out my day.


Some of you reading this blog have never practiced daily meditation and some of you who are religious believe in guardian angels and spirit guides. Believe it or not, many Judea-Christian religions believe in angels. You've heard the phrase "I never walk alone." If you need guidance, you must ask the higher powers for it. They will not help unless you ask for assistance. The angelic realm will not interfere with any individuals free will. It is up to us to ask for guidance.


After a short period of time, my pencil starts creating the "To Do" list with grace and ease. Here now before me are the instructions needed to complete the tasks on this day. I now have the itinerary planned out for me. How cool is That?


My spiritual guidance has taught me to live life to the fullest. Happy is as happy does. I am most happiest when I am creative. For me, a day without creativity is a day without sunshine. If I can share a couple of secrets that keep me focused. The first secret is to strive to be the best you can be in everything that you do. The next secret I will share with you is not to get into a "Gloom And Doom" mentality. Do not fall into that rut. No one owes you anything. You will get back out of life what you put in to it. Life is not a dress rehearsal, this is it. So, make the best of whatever comes your way. Turn lemons into lemonade. You'll be glad that you did.


In closing, remember time passes quickly. Minutes turn into hours, hours turn into days and days turn into weeks. Weeks turn into months and months turn into years. Time waits for no one. Time simply put marches on. Don't be like the moron who throws the clock out of the window to see time fly.


If anyone would like to comment or share a story that is relevant to this observational topic, I look forward to reading your reply.




Stephen Sindoni

Microsoft Skype

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Microsoft Skype


Our topic for today is Microsoft Skype. Many of you reading this blog are familiar with th voice, video, text messaging, and file sharing ability of the software. What you are not aware of, is the National Security Agencies domestic surveillance spying operation “Prism.”


The NSA spy program captures vast amounts of unencrypted HTTP traffic at secret sites that span the entire world. A National Security Agency document by the German news magazine “Der Spiegel,” for the first time provided by Edward Snowden shows that the NSA had full access to voice, video, text messaging, and file sharing set up for targeting individuals in “Real Time” who were using Microsoft’s Skype Services.


The access, mandated by a foreign intelligence court warrant was part of the NSA’s “Prism Program” and allowed “Sustained Skype Collection” in real time for specific users identified by their Skype user names.


For those of you who are serious about keeping your personal information secret, I strongly recommend doing a Google search with the term “Users Guide For Prism Skype Collection.


In the last week of January of this year 2017, I was asked by a good friend, if I could help in explaining how Skype works and how to use it. My friend wanted to connect with me to test out her Skype voice chat software, to which I agreed to do without hesitation.


On the following day, I tried logging on to my Skype account, only to discover that the log in password did not work. Following the forgot the password instructions, I provided the email address that was used when creating the Microsoft Skype account.

Which for those of you reader this post may not be familiar with Skype, it is the user’s email, example Dumb Internet Skype


Next, I checked the Dumb Internet Skype account user email. Searching through my email to find the return email from Microsoft that was sent. There it was in my in box, I then opened up the email to read it.


Following the Microsoft’s retrieval password request, I created a new password for the Skype account. That was easy, all I needed to do now was log in to the Microsoft Skype account with the original email user and type in the newly created password.


Typing in all the correct new log in information, I was greeted with an error message and was unable to sign into the Skype account. At this point, I was becoming a little frustrated with this sign in process. To matters worse, all I wanted to do was help a friend use their Microsoft Skype voice and video chat application software.


Returning to my recently opened Dumb User Internet USA account, I emailed Microsoft and explained the situation. I had been a Microsoft Skype user for years, this should be an easy problem to solve, so I thought.


Here now, is the bizarre response from the Microsoft Skype representative that I received. Your security info is still pending. On 1/29/17 you requested that your security info be replaced. The form then listed my current security info, example Dumb Internet User email address and my alternate email address Dumb Schmuck For Using Skype with an old telephone number that was obsolete.


The most disturbing information on the form was the following: Your security info will be replaced after thirty (30) days on 2/28/17, but don’t worry during the waiting period, you can still sign in and use your Microsoft account normally. To quickly summarize, it was okay to use Microsoft Outlook and all of their other products, but I could not use Skype. This did not make any sense at all, would you not agree?


The form ended by stating, that if you didn’t request this, let us know. If you’d like to keep your current security info, you can cancel this request. How bizarre is that! What I have learned from this experience is that customer service has become a thing of the past. Customer service is like the dinosaur, it is soon to be extinct. This is no different than the first people of our nation, who are also soon to extinct, if someone doesn’t stop the madness. Customer service should be the reason for Microsoft’s time, not the interruption of their time. If I had been able to talk to one of their representatives, this situation would have been quickly resolved.


The moral of this Microsoft Skype blog, Do Not Use Microsoft Skype. If you do, then you are asking for trouble. Should you need to use these type of software applications, then I strongly recommend purchasing a Live DVD Linux Mint 18.0 operating system  from for approximately six dollars. In that way, you'll be able to use Hexchat for video chat and voice chat. You can also use Pidgin Instant Messenger for text messaging. Upon doing so, you can be sure that the NSA will not be listening to you in real time as you are using the Live DVD Linux Mint 18.0 software.


In closing, if anyone reading this blog would like to comment or share a solution to this serious invasion of personal privacy, I look forward to reading what you have to say on this topic.




Stephen Sindoni