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Microsoft Skype Voice Chat Revealed

Posted on March 19, 2017 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (3)

Microsoft’s Skype Voice Chat Revealed


In this blog, I will share little known information regarding the widely used Microsoft Skype voice chat software application. Information such as what I will be sharing today can be found in my new book entitled “Below The Radar.” The book is only available in the Web Store on this website. It is a must read for anyone who connects to the Internet.

I will give anyone who posts to this blog, a free copy.


At the present time, there are well over 60 million people who use Microsoft’s voice and video chat to communicate with one another across the entire globe. Many of these individuals trust the software application to send out and exchange files, documents, photos, and personal information; without giving it a second thought.


Here Now is The Problem


Government snitch whistle blower and double agent, “I’d like to add,” Edward Snowden

has alerted the American people and the world to outrageous spying programs under the code name “Prism” which are being used with the help of the Microsoft Corporation.


The National Security Agency (NSA) have been given the authority to access anyone’s personal computer and gather information on unsuspecting citizens without his or her permission.


Most all of the Microsoft Skype account users have installed the Skype software via their Administrative accounts. Then they launch the Microsoft Account and follow the instructions to create an account. Then the user launches the Skype software application in the administrator account to use the service. The Skype user is unaware that everything on his or her computer can be accessed and then used against them without ever suspected that they have just been hacked.


Public Reaction


A great number of Microsoft Skype users have experienced Identity Theft, have had their bank accounts wiped clean and all of their personal information stolen. The list of offenses from hackers is far too much for me to cover in this blog post. Everyone using Microsoft Skype is at risk world wide. So, what if anything can be done about it?




I have created a Step-By Step Microsoft Skype Security Process which I believe can put an end to prying eyes having access to our computers. The security steps are as follows:

Steps to Follow


1. Log in to your Administrator account on your personal computer.

2. Make sure that Blue Tooth is turned off.

3. Make sure that you are working off line.

4. Create a Standard User account with limited privileges, name it Skype.

5. Create a strong password

6. Do not store the password on the computer.

7. Make sure that you do not use the same password for the Microsoft account.

8. Now, sign out of the Administrator user account.

9. Now, log in to the newly created Skype limited privileges standard user account.

10. If you are able to log in to the Skype User account. Use it only to access Skype.

11. Do not store any personal files or any information. Keep it clean.

12. Sign out of the Skype User Limited privileges account.

13. Log back into the Administrator account on the computer.

14. Go to your applications folder if you have already installed Microsoft’s Skype.

15. Remove the Skype software.

16. Then using an Ethernet hard wired connection, reinstall the Microsoft Skype software.

17. Check to make sure that the software has been installed before logging off the Internet.


19. Now Log out of the Administrator account.

20. Log back in as the limited privileges standard Skype User account.

21. Search the account and locate the Skype Software.

22. Plug in the Ethernet wire and connect to the Internet.

23. Now launch the Skype Software.

24. You be asked to create a new account if you don’t already have one.

25. If you have a Microsoft account already just sign in like normal.

26. For those who do not have an account, you will have to create one.

27. Make sure you create a strong password and do not store it on the computer.

28. Make sure that you do not use the same password that was created for the Skype user account on your computer. The passwords should be different.

29. Connect a external microphone into the computer.

30. If you plan to use video chat activate the Web camera.

31. Now go into the Skype account and make a test phone call.

32. Go through all of the preferences to customize the account.

33. Set up the voice mail and record your message. Then listen to it.

34. You are now ready to connect to the world!

35. Should you need to send out a file, document, or any other information, then I strongly recommend attaching a thumb drive with only the information that you plan to send out over the Skype network.

36. Because you are signed in as a limited privileges standard account Skype user, none of your personal information can be hacked or stolen.

For additional security, after creating the Standard User Skype account, you can purchase a Live DVD Operating System from I recommend purchasing Linux Mint 18.0. The cost is around 6 dollars with free shipping. You can use the Live DVD to go on the internet securely and use it to sign into the account that you created. This will allow you to be operating in what I call a "Cyber Safe"space and untouchable by prying ears and eyes.


In closing, I hope you the reader have found this information to be useful. If anyone would like to comment on this topic, I will send you a free copy of “Below The Radar.” For those who want the book, it can be found on this website under the Web Store tab.


Till next time,


Stephen Sindoni



Dare To Read it.

Posted on March 18, 2017 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (0)


GET READY TO BE STUNNED !!!-- here's who BARACK OBAMA realllly IS !!!

By comments and news in various sources, Posted in Conspiracies / Conspiracy Theories

December 13, 2015, 4:03 am CST


GET READY FOR AN INTENSELY STUNNING TRIP-- "DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE".....FIRST LET US INTRODUCE YOU TO "BARACK OBAMA"s REAL brother ....His name is NOT Sotero/Soetero......LOOK !!!! --Here is the fake USA president's -- REAL actual BROTHER -- Take a look: THE ACTUAL REAL BROTHER-------** IS THE PRINCE OF THAILAND**.... "Barack" is not 'half-black-half white' -- HE'S ASIAN -- This is "Barack"s ACTUAL REAL B R O T H E R -----





Courageous INVESTIGATOR Stephen Sindoni brought out the info over FOUR YEARS ago about WHO the supposed "Barack Obama" really IS. But he was called loco by trolls at the time, and his outing was suppressed, pushed aside, discarded or called rantings of a kook. HOWEVER an INTEL analyst of a very senior caliber and former TOP GOV'T AGENCY CONTRACTOR has just confirmed to us confidentially and declared that SINDONI's conclusion about who BARACK really IS --- is 100% correct. "Barack" is the SECOND SON of the King of Thailand. And as to WHY the King voluntarily GAVE UP his second son to the CIA for the CIA to groom him as a long-controlled asset destined to eventually become USA PRESIDENT, is simple---- ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY AND POWER. The King's OTHER son will be heir to the THAI throne. But THE KING and the government of THAILAND have for decades been making a scoundrels' MULTI TRILLION DOLLAR fortune - by engaging in ILLEGAL DRUG TRADE WITH THE CIA. In order to not only preserve this illegal drug trade but ALSO TO PROTECT it from detection and investigation, the King decided in concert with GHW BUSH and the CIA to give his SECOND SON to a long form CIA psy-op project which would eventually place "BARACK" in the White House, and thus "Barack" would run a good eight years of intense and effective cover-up of the ILLICIT Thai-CIA DRUG TRADE SECRETS.





HERE IS THE SHOCKING AND TELLING FORENSIC REVELATION of *WHO Obama is*. THE FIRST PART OF THIS INTERVIEW with courageous Investigator Stephen Sindoni outs some further secrets about the 9/11 FALSE FLAG. If you want to jump directly to the section outing "BARACK OBAMA"s true identity - jump to-- 20:25 inward -- (listen and watch to then end)........ AND.... FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELT THIS IS VERY WILD RIDE---



Stockton Record News Paper Article-Legend of J.C. Brown

Posted on March 18, 2017 at 6:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Stockton area link to lost city

By Michael Ftizgerald

Record Columnist

February 17, 2008 6:00 AM

An aspiring screenwriter from Brooklyn contacted this paper the other day, researching a baffling 1934 Stockton incident, a mysterious man and the lost civilization of Lemuria.

Stephen Sindoni said he is writing a screenplay about J.C. Brown. Brown was either a geologist (his claim) charlatan or wacko (my opinion) or hunted man hiding behind an alias (Sindoni's deduction).

Whoever Brown was, it is a fact that he turned up in Stockton in 1934, claiming he'd discovered Lemuria.

Legend holds Lemuria, the Atlantis of the Pacific, sank in ancient times. In some variations, Lemurians, higher beings, retreated to a hidden city deep within Mount Shasta.

Brown, 79, introduced himself in respectable circles. Then he announced he had discovered a hidden tunnel in the Cascades while prospecting for the Lord Cowdray Mining Company of England.

"Eleven miles inside the mountain, and approximately 2,300 feet from the surface, I struck what I called 'The Village,' " he told a reporter.

The Village, actually big chambers, contained streets, ornate altars, copper- and gold-inscribed tablets, copper spears with flexibility beyond modern metallurgy, and unbreakable glass.

He also described 27 skeletons of beings up to 10 feet in height; an embalmed king and queen; other pretty fabulous stuff; and a fortune in gold, radium and copper.

Brown began holding daily lectures in a Stockton house. Owing either to his oratory skill or folks' greed for Lemurian treasure, he appears to have gained Svengali-like sway over his audience.

He told people he was worth $40 million. Nobody doubted. He revealed that distant mystic yogis directed him. People believed. He vowed to take them to Lemuria. People eagerly signed on.

Brown instructed them to assemble at the channel head at 1 p.m. June 19. A craft from his fleet, tricked out with a Lemurian glass bottom, would arrive to transport them.

Some folks actually sold their houses in preparation. And at the appointed hour, 80 Stocktonians assembled at the rendezvous, only to get the Lemurian-bronze shaft.

The boat did not arrive. Many waited all night. Brown did not appear. Police sought him "for purposes of questioning," but he was never seen again.

Investigation found he'd been living at a homeless shelter before he talked his way into better digs. His file suggested he may have suffered mental health problems.

A cynical reporter, expecting Brown's gang had been fleeced, was stumped to find that Brown never took a dime from anybody. So what the heck was it all about?

Nobody figured it out.

Until Sindoni got on the case. Sindoni said he became intrigued by Lemuria and J.C. Brown while surfing the Internet for a fitting screenplay subject.

Extending Sindoni standard professional courtesy, I pulled the story off microfilm and plugged a couple holes in his research. In exchange, I asked to interview him.

This arrangement was based on my assumption that Sindoni was writing a humorous tale of a con/crackpot and the suckers he duped with his Lemuria spiel.

But when I got Sindoni on the phone, it emerged he actually believes that Brown actually discovered an actual lost city of actual Lemurians.

"Yes, I do," Sindoni said.

Mount Shasta does, in fact, boast a large literature and lore about Lemurians, much as Nevada boasts lore about UFOs. Sindoni believes the Lemurian tales.

"Guy Ballard - pen name, Godfrey King - talked about being up Mount Shasta in 1930," Sindoni said. "He met St. Germain, who told him the ascended masters lived in the hollows of the earth in Mount Shasta."

Sindoni went on to share his belief, based on his research, that J.C. Brown was really J.B. Body, a lieutenant in the Lord Cowdray Mining Company of England.

It was Body who discovered the tunnel and descended into the Lemurian city. He adopted the Brown alias to evade government agents. They wanted Lemuria kept secret. Lemuria's existence was too explosive, Sindoni reasoned.

Stockton got too hot for Brown. Hence his abrupt disappearance.

Contact columnist Michael Fitzgerald at (209) 546-8270 or


If anyone would like to leave a comment about this topic, I would be very interested in whatever you have to say.


Stephen Sindoni




Stephen's Hole

Posted on March 8, 2017 at 11:05 PM Comments comments (1)

Stephen's Hole


Our blog topic for today is entitled “Stephen's Hole. In this blog, I will share a true story that happened to me while doing research on the “Legend of J.C. Brown” in Mt. Shasta, California in 2009.


Not long after arriving in Mt. Shasta, I raised some serious eyebrows from the locals when they learned that I was looking for artifacts or giant skeleton remains that might be connected to the “Legend of J.C. Brown.” For anyone who is not familiar with this legend, you need only go to the video tab and click on the “Legend of J.C. Brown category to watch the documentary movie.


It was also in this same time period in the summer and fall of 2009, that I was doing a local Internet and cable talk show at the local college in Weed, California. The program was entitled “Legend, Mystery and More.” The program was specifically about Mt. Shasta and all of the legends that surrounded it. When I wasn't filming an episode, I could be found hiking on Mt. Shasta.


Native American legends also share stories about an ancient race of people who they refer to as “The Tall Ones” who lived under the bowels of Mt Shasta and may still be living there today.


On July 1st, of 2009, I was interviewed by Charlie Unkerfer of the Mt. Shasta Herald.

The article was released in the Sunday edition of the newspaper. The legend instantly created a buzz around the city of Mt. Shasta. I was now under the spotlight. There was nowhere that I could go without a stranger coming up to me and asking about what if anything that I had found.


In September of 2009, I left Mt. Shasta and moved to Ashland, Oregon to begin production on a Internet radio program. For the next four to six weeks, the crew and I spent all of our time working on the program. Mt. Shasta was the furthest thing from my mind or so I thought.


In late October, I received a phone call from Arthur Aday. Arthur hosted his own Internet

talk show at the college. I had been a guest on his program several times. He even doubled as a cameraman of a few of my television programs. As a result, we became good friends. Arthur was my bud.



Arthur started out the conversation informing me a rather large hole had been dug on or around Mt. Shasta. He then went on to say, that the hole, was about 15 feet wide, and was estimated by some observers to be at least 60 feet deep. It was a massive hole.

I the asked if he knew who may have dug the hole?


Arthur then answered, “Well the United States Forest Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) were at the television studio today looking for you to answer some questions. Apparently, they think you had something to do with digging the hole.


Immediately, the Art Bell Coast To Coast am broadcast with Art's guest Mel Waters popped into my mind. The “Mel's Hole” program was a hot topic in the Pacific Northwest. Mel's Hole” was claimed by Mel Waters to be over fifteen miles deep.


The FBI asked Audra Gibson, the Program Director, if you ever mentioned digging any holes in or around Mt. Shasta? Her and I quickly came to your defense. They then asked if they could see all of the programs that I had done with the college. Arthur went on to say, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, purchased every one of the Legend, Mystery and More episodes that were recorded and aired at the college. They also purchased (3) three of Arthur's “A Day in Telos” programs. Arthur ended the phone call by saying,”Dude you're famous!”


I hung up the phone and couldn't stop laughing. When I finally stopped laughing, my friend who was standing nearby, asked what was so funny?” I jokingly answered” You've heard of Mel's Hole, now there's a second hole, its being called Stephen's Hole.”


I will now include the Mt. Shasta Herald newspaper article for your perusal:




Oct 23, 2009 at 12:01 AM Jul 1, 2012 at 10:12 AM

Whatever their purpose was, the people who dug a deep and wide hole by hand on National Forest property on Mt. Shasta this summer put in a great deal of effort.

Steve Gerace

Whatever their purpose was, the people who dug a deep and wide hole by hand on National Forest property on Mt. Shasta this summer put in a great deal of effort.Then they abandoned it.

US Forest Service law enforcement officer Carmen Kinch says she knows who is responsible and she’s proceeding with filing charges. The hole, about 15 feet wide, was estimated by some observers to be 60 feet deep.It was refilled by the Forest Service last Friday because it presented a safety hazard, Kinch said. The hole was dug on the site of the Mountain Thin project. Many of the trees in the area had previously been marked with paint, but that paint had faded over time. In July of this year, Kinch said the trees were repainted with blue rings on the bark. That’s when the hole was discovered, but the diggers were not seen.

Kinch said she was out of the area working on assignment in July and into August, but has been investigating the hole since she returned. She says she now knows who is responsible but has yet to make contact with that person. She said he is not a local resident. She believes the goal of the illegal hole digging enterprise was to find “valuable minerals.”

Remnants from the operation, including a wire above the hole that was connected to two trees and had a pulley mechanism on it, were left behind. Also left behind was a ladder leaning up against a tree near the hole and numerous buckets. large pile of dirt and rocks surrounded the hole.

This was not an easy enterprise.One very large boulder was perched on a ledge just above the hole. It appeared that the diggers may have intentionally gone around it because it was too large to move.

One recent observer at the hole site noted with irony that one of the items that remained at the bottom of the hole was a bottle of “SmartWater.”Two of the charges that Kinch said she plans to bring against the person responsible for the hole are damage to a National Forest and removing natural resources without a permit – “and anything else I can come up with,”?she added.


In closing, if anyone would to comment about this topic, I look forward to reading what you have to say.




Stephen Sindoni

The Accomplishment List

Posted on March 4, 2017 at 1:55 PM Comments comments (0)


Our topic today is "The Accomplishment List". In this blog, I will share with you the reader, two stories. The first story that I will share with you is about a movie that I watched late last night called "The Bucket List." The movie featured actors Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. The men were diagnosed with life threatening cancer and were both given a matter of months to live. Because of their situations, they decided to make the most out of whatever time they had left. Thus, the "Bucket List" was created. On this list would be things that each of the men had yet to do. They would tackle each item on the list and do their best to accomplish all the things in life that have alluded each of them.


In my opinion, the "Bucket List" is a must see movie for anyone who needs motivation to get off the fence and start accomplishing more in their daily lives. The movie is a reminder that life is truly what you make of it.


When I awoke this morning, I got the guidance to write this blog. For anyone who meditates and listens to his or her own thoughts, you'll know exactly what I am about to describe. My blogs write themselves. I am just the conduit of the information to share these thoughts and personal observations as they pertain to my life. I do what spirit guides me to do. You might say, I'm a very good listener. The information that I receive comes in loud and clear.


Now, the thoughts start popping into my head like a fireworks display. I quickly grab my notebook and turn to the think tank section and write down all of the information. I don't try to analyze anything that I am writing. I just write down whatever thoughts come into my mind. Thoughts have a way of escaping, so it is important to write everything down.


After jotting down all of the information in the think tank section of the notebook, I wrote the phrase "Even the Israeli Mossads hit list begins with someone writing down his or her thoughts in a "To Do" list. The Israeli Mossad by Executive Order, have been given the contract to terminate my life because of many of my truthful statements surrounding social injustice. Many of my  videos can be easily found on You tube or on many of my numerous websites. Telling the truth comes with a warning label: The truth can be hazardous to one's health.

The Mossad will make it look like an accident or make it appear that I died from natural causes. But in reality, it was carried out by a dangerous group of hired assassins. These men are posing as religious Hasidim Jews. No one would suspect someone hiding behind a religious motif. This is no different than someone who was dressed like the Pennsylvania Amish. The Israeli Mossad are clever. The truth is stranger than fiction.


No, I am not anti-Semitic. I am a Jew, it is in my DNA. My mother was Jewish and my father happened to be Italian. Therefore, I am of mixed heritage and mixed religious beliefs. The name Sindoni is Italian. My mother's maiden name was Abrahams, which makes me a Jew.


My mother taught me to be honest and to be an outstanding person. She stressed the importance of being motivated and provided me with positive motivation to strive to be the very best that I could be and never settle for anything less.


Looking closely at the dangerous situation that has consumed my life for the last twenty years, I realize the importance of living each day to the fullest. Living each day as if it were my last. That is why I write a daily "To Do" list to keep me on the right track.


Therefore, if this day were to be my last, I would like to share with you the reader, my version of the "Bucket List." My version of the list is called the "Accomplishment' List." I would bullet my Accomplishment List as follows;


* Created Over one thousand FREE videos on You tube

* Hosted A Weekly Television Show

* Hosted A Weekly Internet Radio Program

* Produced a Weekly Internet Radio Show

* Written Three Books

* Actor In Two Documentary Movies

* Have Over a Dozen Websites on the Internet

* Have Become A Linux Operating System Guru

* Produced An INTERNET Radio show on Blog Talk Radio Regarding Linux Computers

* Have Been A Guest On Coast To Coast AM Radio & Many Others...

* Climbed Mt. Shasta in Northern California


I have lived my life to the fullest. Never taking my life for granted. Everyday is a gift. No different than today, it is a present. There is no certainty that any of us will be here tomorrow.


But, if this day were to be my last, my life was spent doing all the things that have brought joy, happiness, and bliss, None of this would have been possible without the creators guidance, assistance and lifelong blessings.


In closing, if anyone would like to comment on this topic, I look forward to reading what you have to say.




Stephen Abrahams Sindoni

Webs Server Under Attack

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Our topic today is Webs Server Under Attack, All Developers and Computer Techs On Deck! In this blog post, you the reader will learn about a very serious issue happening here in America. The http://Webs.Com Internet Website builder company has been under attack since January of 2017.


Over forty million people have been experiencing difficulty using the website. We who depend on this site to promote our companies, products, videos, and point of view, are being targeted by the thought police who are closely monitoring everything that we say or do.


For all of you that are reading this blog post, I recommend strongly that before navigating off this website, please go to the Web Store tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page and download a free copy of the PDF E Book “1984” by author George Orwell.


In closing, if anyone is or has been experienced difficulty when using this site, please leave a comment. You can also leave a comment on the Contact page of this site. Someone from the “Sindoni Says” support team will forward the information so that the appropriate individual can be made aware of the situation and will quickly solve the problem.




Stephen Sindoni




Sindoni Says Coffee Mug

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Get the official "Sindoni Says" Coffee mug on the Merchandise tab.

Documentary Film Funding

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As a small, yet multi-talented independent film company, we are seeking funding for my next 90 minute Documentary movie surrounding the strong possibility of an inner earth. The filming of this movie will take place in little known sites that are located throughout North America.


Currently, we are seeking funds to pay for the the film crew, editing process, studio time, and additional expenses that will be incurred from the production of this movie. Any additional funds received will help with the post production marketing process to make this movie a success.


We are asking you to please consider this project as worthy of your investment gift. We would love to share this with as many people as possible. Thank you.


Pledge $5.00 and receive a copy of "Know Your Rights."


Stephen Sindoni shows you how to handle any confrontation with Law Enforcement Officers in the video entitled"Know Your Rights. A must for every American citizen. Don't Leave home without it!


Pledge $10.00 and receive a copy of "I Am I Said." The Heroes Journey E Book.


Stephen Sindoni shares a story about the life of Alexander in the book entitled"I Am I Said."


Pledge 25.00 and receive:(


* A copy of "Sindoni Says" E Book.


Stephen Sindoni shares his auto biography in "Sindoni Says."


* A copy of "I Am I Said" E Book


Stephen Sindoni shares a story about the life of Alexander in the E Book.


* A copy of "Know Your Rights."


Stephen Sindoni shows you how to handle any confrontation with Law Enforcement Officers in the video entitled"Know Your Rights. A must for every American citizen. Don't Leave home without it!

In closing, to make a pledge to this most worthy endeavor, please go the funding page to make a donation.


Stephen Sindoni

Youtube Censorship

Posted on February 27, 2017 at 6:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Out topic today is Youtube censorship. There has been a concerted effort for well over ten years to suppress viewers from accessing many of my Youtube channel videos. Thus, many of the functions on the sites don't work. The video counters are being frozen and the actual numbers are hidden from viewers and subscribers.

In 2010, I was first told by one of my subscribers about what was happening on my main Youtube channel Sindoni productions.  Upon following up on the information, I discovered that my web sites were being targeted. Many of the functions were being tampered with. My comments were disabled. Each time, I changed the settings on the channe, minutes later, they were changed. There was someone in the back end of my video channel.

I decided to create a second Youtube channel with the hope that this new channel would be safe from the hackers. Unfortunately, the new WebFlixsGuy channel was also hacked. It was a very sad set of circumstances to have violated on both of my video channels.

I then created a third Yotube channel at stephensworldtv. Within a matter of a few days, once again the hackers reappeared to create havoc on the Yotube stephensworldtv channel. The video counters were being held back. In the past, I'd get thousands of views, but now I was lucky if my videos had thirty views. It was obvious that there was a major effort being undertaken to stop my freedom of expression.

In spite of this devious behavior by the Internet police, I have millions of views on two of the three channels that i have mentioned in this blog.

In closing, I'd just like to say, "Freedom of speech comes with a warning label: It could be hazardous to your health."


Stephen Sindoni

Reality Surveillance

Posted on February 27, 2017 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (0)



Please check out the Reality Surveillance tab located below the Bio Page.The Israeli Mossad are in America and they are spying on thousands of unsuspecting citizens. Do not be fooled by Hasidic Jewish men dressed in black. The Hasidic Jews are spying on all of us and are hiding in plain sight.

The man who has been spying on me for the last 2 years in named GOLDSTIEN.....


My next book Jewdoo will reveal all of their dark rituals and secrets.

If anyone has any stories to share with regards to this topic, I look forward to reading what you have to say.


Stephen Sindoni